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                                              MY INTERVIEW WITH TC WARNER
                                                (ex-Kelsey Jefferson, AMC)

Hi TC! Thanks so so much for joining me again! Welcome!!

I want to start with the passing of Agnes Nixon. Tell us what that meant for you.

Have you ever been "star struck"?

            Actually with Agnes herself I was very star struck... 
           she has accomplished so much more than all of the cast combined.

            The creator, driving force and main reason why "All My Children " survived. 

            She created something that will be the continual thread for many years... a family.
            Agnes wrote me  a letter in 1997. I will share the whole letter another time; but this 
            quote will tell you the beauty and determination that is Agnes Nixon:
           "I understand and respect deeply your reasons for leaving, not the least of which 
            being the severe ABC budget crunch from which we are all suffering, but I wanted 
            to give you my word that if you should decide to stay, we shall try very hard
            to make you glad you did."

Would you ever go back to daytime?
I would go back to daytime! In a heart beat!

What actor would you like to work with that you never have?
Jodie Foster

What is your guilty pleasure?
Sleeping.... and more sleeping... then when I can't get enough sleep... coffee!!!

You have recurring roles on NBC's The Night Shift and AMC's Better Call Saul. What are those characters like?

           Interestingly enough they are both nurses! 

           I love getting to put myself physically and emotionally into this type of role.

           It's always exciting and full of self revealing surprises.

           If you have not, join TC's FREE and OFFICIAL fan club here:

           It's been a pleasure TC as always!

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