Wednesday, October 24, 2012


  • Hi Lisa, 

    First off, thank you so much for your continued support. One of the most amazing things about having been a part of a daytime show is the continued love and support from the fans and those people who work and love this genre.

    1) You played Skye Chandler on AMC. Tell us about that and how the cancellation of the show affected you.

    The cancelling of the ALL MY CHILDREN was really sad to me. It felt like a part of my life and history was being wiped out. Even though it had been many years since I had been on the show, it was nice to be know that life in Pine Valley was still going on every day. It's sad, it's sad to see what's happening to daytime television. ALL MY CHILDREN was such part of the American television landscape, so many of us grew up with it and with the characters in Pine Valley, celebrating holidays, births, deaths together, it's sad to know it's gone, as well as so many others. It was an incredible place to work and learn, the tools I learned from the veterans of that show I still learn when I'm on set today, I'll always be grateful for the time I had on ALL MY CHILDREN.

    2) Do you still keep in touch with any former cast mates?

    I do still keep in touch with a few cast mates, Lauren Roman and I have remained friends, Jennifer Bassey, Michael Lowry, and I also keep in touch with people on Facebook as well, have a lot of former cast mates on their I touch base with from time to time as well, which is fun.

    3) What have you done since AMC?

    I've done a lot since AMC. I've done a lot of episodic television, KYLE XY, FLASH GORDON, SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, CASTLE, PSYCH, to name a few, as well as I've worked with some amazing directors on and actors on such feature films as 88 MINUTES, THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS, WATCHMEN, JENNIFER'S BODY. 

    I have a TV movie premiering on The Hallmark Channel November 10th at 8 pm PST called THE WISHING TREE with Jason Gedrick, the trailer can be viewed at

    I have an episode of THE HAUNTING HOUR on The Hub premiering in 2013, and I have an independent film called EVIL FEED which will be making it's debut in the festival circuit in 2013 as well, you can view some behind the scenes pictures at the official website at, I play a villain named "Madame Dragonfly".

    I've also just finished with a great festival run of a short film I star in called THE BALLERINA AND THE ROCKING HORSE, where I won Best Actress at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival for my role in that. Our trailer can be viewed at and you can join in on all the news and updates about the short on our Facebook page at

    And aside from all of that, I've written two comedy pilots with my writing partner Danielle Nicolet here in Los Angeles, and have a number of unscripted shows in development. I like to keep myself busy.

    4) I have started a campaign to bring Your Skye back on GH. what did you think when I approached you.

    When you approached me about starting a campaign to bring Skye back to GH I was flattered. Robin Christopher has really done such a wonderful job with the character, and my time playing Skye was so different than where they took her after, plus Robin has had many more years playing the role, I was flattered that you would want to see me bring Skye back to GH, I would be open to it, it would be a lot of fun to step back into her shoes, we both have changed a lot over the years.

    5) You are from Canada. Do you still live there? What was it like growing up there?

    I am from Canada, yes. I was born in Vancouver, I still have family there. I'm not living there currently, but I do go back to Vancouver to work a lot and enjoy it when I do. Los Angeles is home to me, I enjoy living in Los Angeles. Growing up in Canada was great, I grew up in a beautiful city, we have the beaches and mountains right at our finger tips, it's a great place to grow up. Even thought it is a different country, we're so closely tied to The United States we still got all of the same TV shows, movies, etc, so it is a different country, but I didn't feel so far away when I left, and still don't.

    Terry Ingram, renowned Vancouver based director of extraordinary, imaginative and distinctive Film - TV productions in all genres.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well. Lots to talk to about so let's get it going.

First, I was talking with a new friend and now dear friend Laura Coppola about our love for All My Children and how we miss it. It was nice to talk about how it feels to miss it and reminisce.

They should have never raised our hopes about it coming online. That ending is mute then. So man things they need to answer before they can just say its gone. They need a movie or something! It is so upsetting how the just let the actors and fans hang in for nothing.

Forgive me in advance but I am going to repeat my campaign to bring in TC Warner(ex Kelsey AMC) Carrie Genzel(ex Skye) and Lilly Melgar (ex Lily, GH) Please write to the show and tell them it would be an asset to have them on like I did. Thank you!

Steve Burton aired his last show and it was sad and powerful. He will be missed and I wish Him and his family all the best.

I miss Ewen on GH! Why did they have to change his character to a decent strong man to an evil killer! He was perfect for Liz! Perfect! Poor Liz now! Angers and makes me sad! They ruined him and a possible super couple in my opinion.

Check out the blog for some interviews soon and remember these at my opinions; we all have them and respect yours so please respect mine.

Take care, be well and have a great week ahead! :) xoxo

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week!

First, I would like to talk about my campaign to bring TC Warner (ex Kelsey, AMC), Lilly Melgar (ex Lily) and Carrie Genzel (ex Skye) to GH. GH needs these lovelies and bringing two characters from the past would be an asset in my opinion. No one is ever dead in Port Charles; so Lily can bealive some how. Sonny needs her! TC can be a recast of a character or a totally new one or Kelsey can come to PC! They can work her in some how. A please join me In The campaign and write to the show to make this happen. Thanks in advance!

Y&R just keeps peeking my interest. I hope they can redeem Sharon in Nick and her children's eyes. I love how they made her stronger; they just could have done without the betrayals and such.

PHYLLIS GOT AWAY ITH ATTEMPTED MURDER AND EVEYTHING SHE DOES! WOW! This really blows my mind and sorry for the outburst.

Adam and Chelsea....lovin them....Adam did horrible things.. But his environment compelled him in that direction and I am really glad to see he made changes for the better.

GH left us with a cliffhanger that is heartbreaking, Hopefully Sam's baby will survive Heather's lunacy.

Loving the Tarly possibility. CarJo should have never been ruined but I will ship Tarly.

Am I the only one who likes Ellie? She is nice and pretty and good for Spinelli. I love Maxie and maybe she can win him back; but loving the storyline.

We will talk again soon! Take care and have a great weekend! Xoxo

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. It's been a while so lets get to it!

Y&R was always one of my faves and I have to say I am enjoying again after a little disappointing month from the show.

I love Sharon!  Wish they didn't write some of the bad things that she did; but no one is perfect and she is strong and makes her more beautiful! Good for her!

Victor needs to be brought down a peg or two and I am glad Tucker is there to maybe be the one!

Phyllis........disgusting! Don't like her. Never did and never will. Sorry!

Chloe and Billy belong with me another and should get rid of their respective spouses.

I will be back soon for more spiel. Thanks for following and reading. Hope you enjoy more in the future!

Have a great day all! Xoxo