Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well. Lots to talk to about so let's get it going.

First, I was talking with a new friend and now dear friend Laura Coppola about our love for All My Children and how we miss it. It was nice to talk about how it feels to miss it and reminisce.

They should have never raised our hopes about it coming online. That ending is mute then. So man things they need to answer before they can just say its gone. They need a movie or something! It is so upsetting how the just let the actors and fans hang in for nothing.

Forgive me in advance but I am going to repeat my campaign to bring in TC Warner(ex Kelsey AMC) Carrie Genzel(ex Skye) and Lilly Melgar (ex Lily, GH) Please write to the show and tell them it would be an asset to have them on like I did. Thank you!

Steve Burton aired his last show and it was sad and powerful. He will be missed and I wish Him and his family all the best.

I miss Ewen on GH! Why did they have to change his character to a decent strong man to an evil killer! He was perfect for Liz! Perfect! Poor Liz now! Angers and makes me sad! They ruined him and a possible super couple in my opinion.

Check out the blog for some interviews soon and remember these at my opinions; we all have them and respect yours so please respect mine.

Take care, be well and have a great week ahead! :) xoxo

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