Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Special feature: My interview with client Robyn Griggs Wiley


                                                         Photo by Steve Stoltzfus

You were diagnosed with cancer. When and what kind?

I was Diagnosed Early August with Stage 4 Endocervical Adeno.  

This is a rare form of Cancer and They also found Masses in my abdomen as well.

What has your treatment been like and how are you doing?

I have been very fortunate to have a wonderful team of doctors.  

I currently am doing Chemo therapy and the mass count seems to be decreasing.

I do have a CT scan and PET scan after the 6th cycle to see what the next plan of action is.

Chemotherapy is really working, but drains my energy and I have times with great pain too. all in all, Ill take the pain or whatever I have to do keep fighting :)

How did you prepare for the treatment?

I don't feel there is a way to really mentally prepare yourself.  

I have a long process,  I am usually having Chemo IVs for around 6+ hours.

I bring a portable DVD player with me and I watch movies to take my mind off of all that is going on.  I have a chest port which makes the IV easier than having a bunch of bruises on my arms. I make the best of it.  Getting upset while going through all of this, doesn't help,  So I am trying to be optimistic and uplifting :)

How has COVID-19 affected you personally because of it.

I think having Cancer is bad enough, but having to go through this during a pandemic is much worse.  

I have to wear a mask all the time.  My immune system is down, which makes it very hard.  This pandemic has been terrible for everyone.  I can't even imagine the loss of experiences our youth is having.

Tell us about the fundraiser.

My family has put together several fundraisers and it has helped a ton.  Medical bills are horrible and makes the whole situation stressful,  so this helps not only financially, but mentally. I thank everyone that has showed support,  this helps more than you know.

What advice would you give to anyone going through the same thing

Never forget, there are people that can help you emotionally stay positive.

Never Give up, this can be treatable.  Don't be afraid to ask your Doctors questions.

Do not believe every statistic you see. Everyone's situation is different.  make every moment count and 

Remember , when it gets tough,  you are making progress.  You can stay strong and do some healing with 

keeping your emotional state, POSITIVE!


            This is a picture of my husband and myself. I couldn't make it through this without him.

****I would like to thank my family, friends, and fans that have been sending their prayers, good vibes, and support, I also want to send a special thank you to my husband Mark and our little four legged baby boy, Ralphie. They both have been taking good care of me and I couldn't get through this without them, Love you all!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Skull Smith Interview


                                          MY INTERVIEW WITH MY CLIENT
                                           MUSICAL ARTIST, SKULL SMITH

Tell us about your latest release, Cairo

I wanted to see if I could write a passable melody within the Ukrainian Dorian scale, which is popular in traditional Jewish and Eastern European music but is almost non-existent in Western pop music. The verse melody I wrote (the chorus alters the scale slightly) sounded Egyptian to me, so I set the song in the context of Ancient Egypt and wrote the lyrics from there. The resulting piece is one that doesn't fit into any existing genre but is still distinct and catchy enough to be classified as a pop song.

How did  you get into music and choose the genre?

I've had melodies playing in my head since childhood, many of them subconscious interpolations and retoolings of existing songs over a long period of time. After graduating high school, I realized I had an entire repertoire of melodies and song fragments that existed only in my head, with new ones forming on a weekly basis. Transferring these melodies into full-fledged songs became my first motivation to consider music as a serious career path. My main influences are spread across many different genres, so the result is an amalgam of different styles that don't adhere to any single genre in particular.

What is your inspiration for writing a song?

The melody is always the starting point. This gives me a general idea of what I want the song to be about, and only then will I start writing lyrics. Adding words to a melody is considerably easier for me than trying to create an entire song around a "static" set of words.

Are you currently writing anything now?

I'm preparing one track for release right now actually! The final mixing touches should be finished within the next week. Between my upcoming album and the standalone singles that I plan on releasing within the next twelve months, I have six more tracks with vocals and partial instrumentation in place already as well as an additional seven to which I'm still adding lyrics.

What advice would you give to up and coming musical artists?

Create something timeless rather than something that's merely "current."

Would you ever think of ever collaborating with another musical artist?

I have a collaboration in the works with one of my best friends who is a guitarist. It is still very early on in the process, and I want to gather some amount of momentum before bringing another brand new artist in so that he can enter the musical world with plenty of people listening from day one, so it may be a while before the short guitar compositions turn into a full album.

Do you also act or would you consider that?

Acting as a career path is something I've considered for over a decade now, and I've taken many acting classes over the years, including four years of voice over training at Voicetrax SF. The ease at which I can create music at any hour of any day versus the time-consuming processes of finding a single potential acting job and then actually booking it have caused the former creative path to become my main priority while the latter has remained on the back burner in recent years, but I'm definitely looking to get back into acting, whether it be on-camera or voiceover, once I'm able to develop a steady income from my music.

What was it like to make your first music video, “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde”  

Due to deadlines within the studio space, it was actually filmed in its entirety within a single 30-hour period, with the first day going from 8 AM to midnight. The most astounding revelation was that I was able to work for 16 hours in a single day without getting completely burned out. Silent on-camera acting must be one of those few things I can do for indefinite periods of time (although my back and legs will likely try to convince me to remain seated for most shots in the future). The production team navigated this project gracefully and professionally despite it being their first music video as well, and I definitely look forward to working with them again.

Thanks so much for joining me! All the best to you and I continue to look forward to working with you.

Thank you for having me! I look forward to continuing working with you as well!

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The Ghost of Mr. Hyde video

Video by Art Productions

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


What inspires you when creating pieces? 

Freedom. The art of creative freedom to mold and shape and add positive creative energy to an object and transfer that love and time. Every Bead I touch I feel as if I am creating an entire universe of planets and stars. So I would say The entire cosmos inspires me fully.

You are an actor as well, tell us a little bit about that journey.

I would say I was always an actor. As a child, i would read Comics and act of scenarios and had super imaginary battles with evil villains. So by the time I reached adulthood before traveling to Hollywood and do it as a profession, i realized it was because I kept the child in me it allowed me to change over from your average everyday 9-5 to a career of doing what I have always been doing since I was a child.

How long have you been creating?

I have been creating since as far back as i can remember. From watching every cartoon, anime and reading every comic book which I still own today, hundreds of them...I would say as far back as the days of uner-roos

What is your dream project as an actor?

Whoa heave question. Hmmmmm surely a high octane action film with a lot of grit.

How has COVID been for you as a jewelry creator and actor?

COVID has been an inspiration. everyday I am above ground, COVID has given me the opportunity to sit back and reevaluate my circumstances and put my creative talents to use. My mind is always creating at an extremely, fast pace and the ideas I can unleash those are the ones I hop on immediately. When i decided to create God Beads, it was a no brainer. 

Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own business or becoming an actor?

My advice is to keep moving forward. You have an idea that means it's already tangible and reachable so go after it. Don't think or feel, just respond and act on it. Sitting around waiting for someone to do it for you will never happen. Its your goal, dreams and aspirations. You have and haven't all the time in the world so what little bit of time we have on this planet, create, create, create.

Thursday, July 9, 2020


                                                  MY INTERVIEW WITH ACTOR AND AUTHOR
                                                  TIFFANY TONEY

Your book, “The Beauty of your Strength” Is amazing. For those who haven’t read it, what was your inspiration?

-Believe it or not, this book was a complete accident.  A few years back I went through a terrible break-up with a man I thought I would marry. I was laying with my face on the floor, crying myself to sleep. I was woken up at 3:33 am by a voice that told me "write this down."  From that day on, my spirit was frequently bombarded with these random affirmations. My hands were writing them, but they were being delivered to me from some higher source. After about a year, I asked God and the Universe "what am I supposed to do with these affirmations?"
It became clear that I was supposed to share them with the world.  I later realized that it was not my relationship that was the problem, it was that I did not love myself. I had lost site of my worth and did not like the reflection of the woman lookin back at me.  I knew that if I wanted real happiness, I had some inner work to do...I had to get to the root of who I was, and who I wanted to be.

When did you get the acting bug?

-I've always known I wanted to be an actor or storyteller of some sort. I took my first acting class when I was 18 years old and believe it or not, despite my race, I was cast as Marylyn Monroe in a play. As I was researching her life and her journey, I felt an overwhelming connection to her. I felt a sense of responsibility to tell her story and I knew that there were so many things that she never got the chance to say. I wondered "how many other people's voices have died too soon?"  I realized in that moment, that acting and storytelling were part of my prophecy.

Tell us any new projects that you have coming up?

- I am shooting a feature film (that I wrote) with award winning director R.L. Scott this August! I have written features before, but this is the first feature film script of mine to actually get produced! BORA is a psychological thriller that we hope to drop on TUBI by October 2020. My producer Chyna McCoy has worked on some major films over the last 20 years including The MATRIX, and R.L. Scott is known for LAZARUS and Call Me King. They are great mentors and I have learned so much from them.

What is your dream project?

-My dream project is to play a Marvel action super villain or hero...I prefer playing the villain because there are less boundaries!

Who would you like to work with in the future?

-I would love to work with Micheal B Jordan, Issa Rae, and Jordan Peele! They are all revolutionary artists who have done so much for the progress of people of color in the entertainment industry.

Any guilty pleasures?

-My guilty pleasure is Carrot cake !!!! I have to really work hard to avoid it.

If you were to give any advice to up actors, What would it be?

- If I could give actors any advice, it would be to try your best to keep your personal and professional life separate. It's very challenging but it can save you a ton of drama and heartache down the line!  I would also remind them that no ROLE is worth your SOUL!  If this industry is meant for you, the universe will open all of the necessary doors !  ALWAYS TRUST YOUR INNER VOICE

Thursday, May 7, 2020


Carole Jefferson

Carole's Bio:   

Carole is a former television news reporter turned prosecutor and now a SAG-AFTRA professional actress who recently relocated to Los Angeles from Northern California.  

As a television news reporter, Carole covered crime, politics, breaking new stories and entertainment.  Over the years, Carole was fortunate to interview many inspiring individuals including former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal, gymnast Bart Conner, country singer Leann Rimes and R&B legend Patti LaBelle. Carole also covered the Black Entertainment Television (BET) awards show as a news reporter for KTNV-TV, ABC in Las Vegas. Of course, Carole covered a lot snowstorms as a rookie reporter at WOWT-NBC in the midwest as well. 

As an actress, Carole played the lead role of "Pecola" in the highly successful production of Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" at Celebration Arts Theatre. The Bluest Eye was named one of the best stage productions of the year. Since that time, Carole played roles in several films and commercials, including a featured role in a national commercial. 
In addition to journalism, her legal career and acting, Carole has been active in a number of civic organizations over the years, including the Nebraska AIDS Project, Omaha Girls Club, The Clark County Stay In School Program and the San Francisco Black Coalition on HIV & AIDS. While attending law school Carole served as a student teacher and a mock trial coach. Carole is also deeply committed to transforming the lives of children in the foster care system and her faith. 

And did Carole mention she loves to travel? Carole has never traveled to a country she didn't enjoy. 

Approximately 15 and counting...... :)   

Yes, life is truly an amazing journey! 

Hi Carole, welcome and thanks for joining me.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Tell us how you were able to cope with the COVID-19 

It's definitely been an interesting experience!   I've still been pretty busy.  But I make sure to remember the importance of self care.  Usually, I get out for some exercise and fresh air in the mornings before I start my day.  That really helps!  Also, staying connected to important people in my life, including my family and staying connected to faith keeps me focused on my goals. 

Carole, you are a former television news report turned prosecutor and now a SAG-AFTRA actor. Congrats, that’s impressive. 

Thank you!  I always say life is truly an amazing journey and I really believe that.  The experiences and the people I've been blessed to meet along the way - absolutely amazing.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine the journey.  It's been a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.  But it's all been worth it and I'm very grateful.  

What has been your most fun project as an actor to date?

My favorite project is always the next project!  I've definitely enjoyed the projects I've had the opportunity to be apart of thus far.  I've enjoyed each one tremendously for different reasons.  However, my goal as an actress is to always keep growing and keep challenging myself.  With each new role, I'm always thinking about what can I bring to the role and what can I learn from the experience.  There's always a new challenge and new things to learn.  That's why I love acting so much! 

What is your dream role?

My dream role is one that has depth, complexity and challenges me as an actress.  Of course, versatility is important and I like to explore different kinds of roles that are outside of my general casting.  But I seem to really be drawn to roles about strong women in challenging situations making difficult and complicated choices.  I love to do the character work and understand the pathology these types of characters. 

Who would you like to work with in your acting career?

Gosh, too many talented people to mention.  But of course Viola Davis is at the top of the list.  She's absolutely amazing!  

What shows are you watching these days?

Actually, I started watching Chicago P.D. recently and now I am absolutely hooked on the show!  Jason Beghe is an alum of Beverly Hills Playhouse (BHP) where I currently train.  BHP hosted a Q&A with him and it was great!  Afterwards, I was curious about the show because I had never watched it.  Now I can't stop watching it.  I've been binge watching it over the past week.  

Also, I'm reading plays from all the great playwrights - Neil Simon, August Wilson, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams.  I really love theatre!  

Any guilty pleasures?

Travel, of course!  Some many countries to see and experience, yet so little time.  But I definitely want to see as much of the world as I can in this lifetime. 

What advice would you give to an up and coming reporter, lawyer, or actor. 

Believe in yourself (confidence is an absolute must) and be willing work hard to accomplish your goals.  Also, make sure you have the right people in your life.  A strong support system is very important.  You simply don't have the time and energy for negative distractions, including people.  You have to stay focused and passionate about your goals.  

Thanks again Carole. It’s been my pleasure to speak with you.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Thank you and Welcome Max! Can you tell us what you have been doing since we last saw you as Carlos Reyes on All My Children?

Since All my Children I have been acting and running my acting studio. I have done 17 guest stars on TV from North Shore with Jason Momoa to being opposite LL Cool J on NCIS LA. I have two movies on Amazon Prime both Horror films. John Burrs Muse and the new Bigfoot Horror Thriller film Hoax with Brian Thompson and Disney’s Hutch Dano.

Have you kept in touch with any former castmates?

I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from the cast, I have run into Will DeVry on set recently when I ran into him on GH set and we caught up for a couple minutes.

If you were ever to bring Carlos Reyes back, what would you like to see?

Oh man!  If I ever got to play Carlos again I would like to him comeback as a broken jaded man who’s gone through a rough path from being on the run from the mob.

Would you ever consider doing a soap?

I really would like to work with William DeVry and Maurice Bernard also Kelly Monaco. Those guys are solid. They tried finding a place for me on Days of Our live with a couple small roles but I think it wasn’t the right timing. But the show that I would love to work on is General Hospital.

What are you working on that you can tell us about?

Right now I just finished a film that was produced by James Franco’s production company that’s a readaption of The Count of Monte Cristo. I get to play one of the main antagonist that sends the lead character away.

What is your dream project?

Dream projects that I have is working on rewriting Fight Club in a play format to start putting up as my studio for performances for people to see. I d like to have an attempt at a run on GH if they would give me the opportunity that would be a dream.

Thank you for again for joining me!

Thank you Lisa!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019


                                                                            MY INTERVIEW WITH LAURA KAI CHEN

Laura Kai Chen
pic credit: Tim Yates

Why acting?

I have loved plays since I was a kid. I love going to the theatre and it increased ever since taking Lit in college.

Any projects in the works?

yes, but I can't discuss right now.

Guilty Pleasure?

Oh, good question! Baking. The cakes I bake are Momofuku Milkbar cakes (the chocolate passionfruit cake is insanely good.

Advice for up and coming actors?

As for advice to actors, here is what I’d say: be brave, and bring yourself to every audition, scene, or job. It is hugely vulnerable, but we are infinitely more interesting than any idea we might try to play. Real people are fascinating, and you must believe that you are enough.

Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me.

Thank you, Laura! All the best to you!