Thursday, August 27, 2015


                                            MY INTERVIEW WITH JOSH THROWER

                                            (COLIN WINTERTHORNE, WINTERTHORNE)

Hi Josh, thank you so much for joining us on The Spiel.
Thank you for having me, Lisa!

Tell us about your character on Winterthorne. 
Well, I can't give away too much just yet, but I can tell you that I play Colin Winterthorne. All other details are hush-hush at the moment, but what I can tell you is that my character definitely plays an integral part of the story! You'll have to wait until August to find out more! :-)

Would you ever do a network soap?
Absolutely! I worked on "The Young & The Restless" earlier this year, and it was an absolute pleasure. I got the chance to work with Peter Bergman, Jessica Collins, and Gina Tognoni. They were all so welcoming and so genuine. I definitely hope to continue working in the soap world as much as possible though! I'd love to work on all four major soaps in some capacity - General Hospital, The Bold & The Beautiful, and Days of Our Lives being the other three!

What do you like to do when not working?
I'm a big runner, and typically run anywhere from 20-40 miles per week, depending on my schedule. I'm actually running a race next weekend just outside of LA. Other than that, I love camping, hiking, anything outdoors. I'm from Colorado originally, so getting out into nature is one of my favorite ways to escape the madness of Los Angeles!

What actors or directors that you have never worked with, would you like to?
Well, there are so many actors I'd love to work with. Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Matthew McConaughey, all the usual suspects. From previous generations, I would have loved to work with Jimmy Stewart and William Holden. Director-wise, I'd love to do a huge blockbuster Spielberg film, as those were the kinds of movies I loved when I was a kid. I would have loved to have been in a Frank Capra film. Late 30's-early 50s Hollywood is probably my favorite period of film. Honestly though, I'm open to working with anyone who takes their craft seriously while still having fun in the process.

What has it been like working on Winterthorne so far?
Working on Winterthorne has been an absolutely amazing experience. I have learned so much, especially working alongside actors like Gordon Thomson, Martha Madison, and Michael Caruso. Gordon has so many phenomenal stories about acting and his life, so getting to know him has been unreal. Martha is such a great actress, and she is just a genuinely sweet person, which really goes a long way in this business. And Michael Caruso did such a fantastic job with DeVanity that when he decided to cast me in a major role for his new show, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is he a great guy and a pleasure to act with, but he is working unbelievably hard to bring soap fans a different twist on the genre - something new, something fresh. He truly loves the genre, and I definitely think he is doing it the justice it deserves. I'm so excited to be a part of the show!

Any other projects we should be looking out for that you are in?
Aside from Winterthorne (which begins August 27th), I am starring in a suspense thriller called "1108" which is slated for a fall/winter release this year. It was my first lead role in a feature, and I'm really proud of the work we did on it. I just shot a print ad for Residence Inn by Marriott, and I have a commercial running for Waste Management right now. Actually, I just signed with a new agent (Beth Stein and Associates) for commercial and theatrical, and I anticipate amazing things to come. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much again for joining us Josh!
It was my pleasure! Thanks again for inviting me, and for your support with Winterthorne! People can check out the trailer at as well as check out for updates on all my projects!