Tuesday, October 28, 2014




Hi Amanda and thanks for joining me on The Soap Spiel!

Thanks for having me! 

Congrats on your marriage and birth of your baby boy. How has that been like so far?

Thank you! It's been so amazing! My son, Wilder, is 6 months old and he's sitting up on his own, smiling, and giggling all the time. My husband and I are loving every minute of it! It's such a fun age. 

Would you do another soap again?

Of course! I have such wonderful memories of being on GH and All My Children. You become very close with your co-stars and the storylines are always fun. The characters I've gotten to play have been so interesting and layered. I'm always open to playing other characters. 

Are you currently working on anything?

Currently, I'm doing mostly commercials and really spending a lot of time with my son. He actually just got an agent as well, ha ha! I'll be driving him to auditions soon enough! 

I am sure he will be a natural like his mother!

Guilty pleasure?

Ooooh, I'd have to say watching all of the "Real Housewives" shows. There's something about them that just suck me in! 

How has the cancellation of AMC affected the soap world in your opinion?

It's sad to see so many soaps off the air, especially AMC. AMC was one of the best and it was on the air for such a long time. The fans were really loyal and amazing and I know there are many people, including myself, who wish they would bring it back. It's really the end of an era. 

Thanks so much for joining me on the spiel. It was my pleasure to have you here!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

Hi all!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

I have some great interviews coming soon. Tomorrow is Amanda Baker, (ex, AMC, GH)

I went to Soap Fantasy Weekend in East Hanover, NJ yesterday and had a blast!!

I met some great actors that I never met before and crossed off my wish list.

Just wanted to share some pics and I hope you have a great day!

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:) xoxo