Terri: Hi there,
Me: You recently got married tell us about him?
 Here's the story about my husband.  He was my high school drama teacher and we got engaged when I graduated high school.  We stayed engaged for about 6 months and then I realized I was too young to be married so we split up.  We didn't see each other for 34 years although we had very close misses we just never did.  Then in August when I was visiting my folks I found out that he was teaching at the university.  I got in touch with him.  We had dinner and that was it.  I'm very happy and feel blessed because I never thought I would have this kind of relationship again.  I certainly didn't
Think I would marry again.

What do you think of web series?
Terri: As for web series I think they're fantastic and I'm in full support of them. Soaps are phased out but they are starting to show up on the web.  I have done 2 of the and am suppose to do another one.  I love to work in any and all genres. 

Take care and nice chatting.
Thanks for joining us! Nice chatting with you too and hope we can talk again real soon!