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                           MY INTERVIEW with JADE HARLOW (Lianna Ramos, The Bay)



 What was your experience like on Days?

It was Fantastic! I had a great time and loved the people I worked with on both sides of the camera.

Will we see Sheryl again?

I have no idea

 The Bay is on fire! What can we expect from Lianna in the coming eppys?

Thank You! Lianna is still trying to find herself. She's a person that truly has no sense of where she fits in the world. No sense of being loved in a way that matters. In this chapter, she collides with some new Bay City residents & tries her luck with both new and old acquaintances.
Working on any projects?

The only one I can talk about at the moment is a film I'm doing with Pascal Payant entitled "On the Horizon"

When I approached you about the fan club, what was going through your mind?

Somehow my mom has put her up to this

haha nope, all my idea ;)

Join the fan club everyone. It is free! Join in the fun!

Thank you Jade! All the Best to you!


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Some of my faves pics/edits :)


The Soap Spiel would like to extend their condolences to Matthew's wife Christine Baranski and family on the loss of soap icon Matthew Cowles, EX Billy Clyde Tuggle, AMC

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


                                      (ex- Justice Ward, GH)

                                                    JOSEPH AS JUSTICE WARD ON GH
Welcome Joseph! What projects are you working on right now?

right now, I am not working on anything.  Two years ago, my wife and I opened a restaurant, so I left the business to run our little restaurant.  Alas, we are now closed. I am keeping myself busy trying to close out business for the store, pay off our bills, of which there were many, and taking care of the house.  I am at a point in my life when I must reinvent myself, find a path for this next phase of my life.

What was your time like on GH?
I have mostly very fond memories of G.H.  I truly enjoyed working with the people in the cast and crew.  Of course, I recall John Ingle, who recently passed.  John was such a good man.  He was kind, funny, helpful, wise...I really loved that man.  And his wife!  I loved working with 
Roselyn Cash.  Wow!  I recall when she died, i cried like a baby.Tony Geary was great, Maurice, Sean, Senait, and on and on.  I can't think of anyone that I did not enjoy spending time with on the set.  
I also loved playing the part of Justice Ward!  Claire Lebein loved the ward family and loved Justice.  She wrote such good stuff for me and the Ward family.  it wasn't until after she left the program that things went south.  Of course that was the time Justice became a coat holder in the Quatermaine mansion.  A particular head writer told me that he just didn't know how to write for black characters...Yes, I sat there with my mouth agape.  But the writing was on the wall.  The Ward family was on the way out.  Those were sad days. Unhappy days.  Miserable days!
One of my favorite memories was doing " The midnight train to georgia with Roselyn, Tony and Johathon. The trial defending laura for the murder that I committed was also tons of fun. 
But mostly, what i recall from those days was how great the fans were.  G.H. fans were loyal and loved the ward family.
Would you do another soap?
I would do another Soap in a heart beat.
Do you still keep in touch with your former castmates?
I don't really keep in touch with people.  I haven't spoken to senait in a dozen years.  My wife and i used to hang out with maurice and his wife. We were both young newly married couples back then.  i haven't seen them in a very long time.  Sean kanan came through the restaurant and it was good to see him.  I have had a few conversations with John Lindstrom...Thats about it.

What is your advice to up and coming actors?
Mostly my advice to up and coming actors is to get out of the business as fast as you can!  lol  before its too late!   But seriously...I think it is important to have a skill other than acting that you can sell to make money while you are waiting for the big part.  don't get caught with no marketable skill!  The other thing I would say is to learn your craft.  Oh yes and develop a thick skin because you will hear the word NO a lot.  
Thank you so much Joseph! All the best to you!
Good luck to you.

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Hi all!

Happy Saturday! I hope all is well and you had a great week!

I have been somewhat busy personally so watching the soaps to the fullest wasn't possible and will not be at least for a while.

That being said, please comment and keep me up to date on what are your faves and what you didn't like during the week.

I for one loved the Nurse's Ball, always did. The talent of the actors is amazing!

My Niz aka Elizabeth and Nikolas feels were abundant especially yesterday. Nikolas is the one for you Liz!

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Have a great weekend and keep it here for interviews, comments, and much more!

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Hi Kristos! Welcome to the Soap Spiel! Thanks for joining us!

Thanks! Of course, thanks for having me.

You are currently on "The Bay". Tell us about your character

Thankfully enough, now that his big seizure has long passed, he's had time to regain most of his memory and become more grounded as a person. Frankly, it's a nice to no longer have to play him so confused. Anyway, Pete still has his rebellious nature and still likes to live on the edge. He knows what he wants and doesn't think twice about it. I think that's a part of Pete which will never change. That said, he has a good heart and doesn't mean any harm or ill will toward anyone. As far as love interests go, he's now paired up with Janice Ramos, portrayed by Lilly Melgar, who's a pleasure to work with. It's a bit awkward that Janice is the mother of his ex, Lianna, along with other obstacles their trying to get past. That said, the obstacles don't seem to outweigh the passionate fire that's been sparked between them. 

You and your cast mates seem to be a tight bunch and close. Absolutely love that. What do you attribute that to?

That's right, and we're often referred to as "The Bay Family." I love how tight-knit and supportive of one another we've become, on multiple levels. It makes our on-set experience very positive as well as all the time we spend with each other outside of production. I think it was attributed by the fact that we all came together to start something new. The show is known as one of the exemplary, pioneering original web series. Most who are involved, became involved because of the faith and heart they put into the project. We all have a mutual respect and love for one another in that regard. The success we've had, from all the magazines, the interviews, the Emmy recognition and other accolades.. we are all constantly celebrating our accomplishments together. I think Gregori J. Martin spearheads the environment well, writes the show well, and is a good all-around show runner. Our cast is amazing, and they all have a great time performing the material they get, as I do too. We all get to do what we love.

Are you working on any other projects?

Look out for the next feature film I star in- A Place Called Hollywood. My castmates include Lou Ferrigno Jr., Meg Foster, Ade McKormack, Mackenzie Mason, Cherie Johnson, Sean Kanan, Martha Madison, my producing partner Derrell Whitt and more. Furthermore, Gregori and I's production company LANY Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Columbine story. It's going to be a very deep and meaningful movie. I'm attached as an actor and producer. We (LANY Entertainment) are also also producing an upcoming TV miniseries in conjunction with Associated Television International (ATI). I feel very fortunate to be involved with such great projects.

What would you be if you weren't an actor?

Well, my first answer would be a director or producer. That may be a cheap answer though because I already produce. I also began directing (The Bay's Confessions are my official debut). If I were to choose something outside of film and television, I would probably be an inventor/ business owner. I have several ideas that I'd like to pursue at some point. I also like the idea of investing in property, my family and family friends do it, love it, it seems hard to go wrong with it. However, I don't think I'll be swayed from continually pursuing my acting and filmmaking aspirations.

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Welcome Kiko to the Spiel!
Tell us your fondest memory working on GH/PC?

The best thing about PC was that we were all like brothers and sisters growing up together for the first couple years!

What are you working on now?

May 7th I'm on the season finale of csi. Finishing up a wonderful Ford campaign. Lots of voice over work for the Dodgers LA KISS, etc. Motion Capture work for video games. Producing my passion project, a docu-feature. It's a raw uncensored look at the spiritual reality of violence and it's effects on us.

Would you do another soap?

I'd love to play on another soap!

What do you do for fun?

For fun I create meaningful projects, travel, create music. U can hear and download some at www.kikoellsworth.com, spend time with good friends

What would be be if not an actor?

If not an actor....a producer of empowering media content...which I'm doing now anyway lol

Thanks Kiko for joinnc me on the Spiel and all the best to you xoxo


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    Emmy time!


    If you missed who was nominated for a Daytime Emmy, the complete list is above. 

    Congratulations to all the nominees!

    I am happy for them all except it would have been nice to see my fave show AMC get nominated.  I thought the stories and acting was above board as usual from the talented cast, 

    Stay tuned  this coming week, Kiko Ellsworth will be on talk to me Tuesday. Looking forwards to that and hope you can catch the interview!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on the Emmy noms, so please comment and let's spiel!

    happy Saturday and be well xoxo