Tuesday, January 28, 2014



Happy 2014! Thanks so much for joining us again. So happy to have you! How were your holidays? My holidays were great. Spent time traveling and visiting friends. I've never done that before. I am usually with family, but this year I redefined what family is, and spent it with family who were friends. It was nice and it made me present.

What are you working on now?
I have so much I am working on lol. I am grateful for the vision. I am touring my 1 woman show, In Search of O. It's about waiting until marriage at 27 to have sex and the fantasy vs the reality of that experience. It's my funny journey about waiting until marriage. It will keep you laughing. I will be in Palm Springs & Torrance, CA Valentine's Day weekend. And will be in Atlanta in March. You can go to www.ChrysteePharris.com for more details. And in February, I will be doing VBlogs talking back and forth with fans about relationships on www.InSearchofo.com side of my website and goal setting and acting tips on www.ChrysteePharris.com. I have two websites linked to the same one. It's bananas and I love it!
Who was your favorite co-star? Wow, I have to just pick one…. I loved them all. From TC- who I speak to often. He came to see In Search of O and that meant a lot. He still calls me sugar bear. Eve- she is just a beauty. Very sweet to me. I check on her on FB. Deanna (Kay) - she was my joy. Loved working with her. Very beautiful soul. James Hyde (Sam)- just a sexy man. Enough said lol. I mean I could go on… Julian Caine and I having wise conversations… See, I think about moments that I had with them that were special to me. With all the ones I mentioned above, or Dana giving me wisdom.  As well as Eva and I having a moment when Halle Berry won the Oscar…. to Chad (Donn Swabby) and I having deep conversations about life and how we were there for each other in time of need. Jade (Jessica) - we had some great talks. I felt like a big sister. Whitney and I- she really felt like a sister. Even Kathy Doe who played Simone after me thinking I was
not going to like her. When I saw her, I said. "Let's talk! Congratulations! What do you want to know? And don't try to be me! Be you and the fans will love you!" She was shocked lol. She talked about that in a magazine that she was surprised I was nice to her. I had to tell her, I didn't get fired, I made the decision to leave so someone else could get the opportunity I did. And Andrea Evans (Rebecca) dedicating her breast cancer walk to my grandmother who had just past of breast cancer the week she had the walk. Moments is what I remember about each one of them. Moments that were special. Moments that shaped my life. Moments I will always be grateful for.

Would you ever consider an online soap? Of course I would do another soap. It doesn't matter where it is, as long as I am having fun, loving my character and loving the people I am working with. I just love to act. To get paid to do what I love to do is a blessings and I would never turn it down. I encourage everyone to do what they love to do. I just sent a blog out that talks about being an
Entrepreneur that I read from Forbes. I think everyone can be one if they believe in themselves and take small steps to go after it.  http://chrysteepharris.com/home/whats-new/blog/are-you-an-entrepreneur/

What do you do for fun? I love to play cards. Spades is my game. I am very competitive. I love to figure out ways to win without cheating lol. I just love to win lol. Especially when it's a bunch of men and they think they can beat me. Spades is all about strategy. You have to out think the other guy as well as work with a partner. It can be challenging if someone doesn't know how to play. I played right before New Years and I kicked butt! I am a bad mama jamma! hehehehe

That is amazing!!! haha! Thanks again for speaking with you. It is truly my pleasure!

Chrystee Pharris

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hi Everyone! Hope you are staying warm and safe from this latest winter storm.

Y&R, GH, B&B, & Days all got renewed this week and it is great news and keeps our soaps alive. We need to keep supporting and watch our shows to help preserve them for a long time to come.

I have made changes to this blog already and hope you all like them. There will be more to come; so keep checking back and all ideas and comments are welcome!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

More on The Soap Spiel next week!

xoxo Lisa

Tuesday, January 21, 2014




Scentual by Lilly is an all natural bath & body line and candle collection. It's been a dream of mine for years now. I LOVE high quality all natural ingredients and delicious scents. I use to spend too much in acquiring both. I'd buy one product for its' ingredients and another for the scent. Last year when I was invited to the 50th Anniversary GHFCW I felt it was time and I chose to introduce the line there. It's been a beautiful experience and I am so proud of the results. Since GHFCW, it's been in the Primetime Emmy, CMA and Golden Globes nominees gift bags. It was also chosen in Soap Opera Digest and Soaps In Depth as one of 2013's holiday gift guide.


Janice is up to no good! lol ... Since we last saw her, she's continued drinking, is at a loss without Lee and now in bed with someone half her age who happens to be her daughter's EX! How's that for drama!


In Nov. I shot a bilingual comedy feature film "Tongue Tied" which I look forward to seeing this year, we are back with Soap Box and I'm working on producing a film with my husband. I will also be launching a couple of new scents in my line and my first roll on fragrance.


It's exciting to know that a character I played so long ago can still be a part of today's storyline. It's definitely caused rumors to float around about a possible "Lily" return. That remains to be seen


Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have not seen much of my shows this week, from what I saw there were things I loved and hated!

Loved that Lucas gave Sheryl the job at Mad World. I am hoping they become a couple #Lush. Love seeing Lucas on more. It has been long overdue.

Abby and EJ=HATE IT! I will admit the scenes were hot; but it doesn't mean they are meant to be. That is just my first impression of them; but you know there will be more to them and maybe I will change my mind.

LOVE Alison Sweeney aka Sami's new hair color. She is beautiful and it just enhances her beauty.

Come on GH; you think because you bring a new actress to play Lulu it is right to ruin a super couple? Nathan is hot Lulu, but you are married!

Heather strikes again and has Carly held prisoner. I feel really badly for Franco in all this. He was trying to turn his life around and his mother wouldn't let him.  I hope they don't drag this out much longer.

Poor Summer and Fen! Y&R should have just let them be romantically involved. I hate what they are doing to them.

Tabby makes me happy and hope nothing ruins them despite Tyler's ex.

Kelly, get out of Genoa City now!

My heart breaks for Chloe! I really hope she finds peace and does not hit rock bottom.

Sharon and Nick getting closer is what I wish for. However, what she did?  They just made her character worse and hopefully can rebound from her actions.

These are only my opinions; we all have them and I respect yours and wish the same.

Thanks for reading and have a great Saturday and weekend.

Until next time on the Spiel, xoxo Lisa

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Congrats on the Bay and your new recurring role on Days. What can you tell us about her?

Sheryl, is a smart independent woman. She has a huge heart and gives 110% of herself to the people and things that matter most to her. As viewers can already tell, she was kind of hit by Cupid's arrow when she saw Lucas.

What do you do for fun?
I read a lot. Watch a ton of movies. And like hanging with a small intimate circle of friends in someone's backyard rather than going out to a club and being surrounded by strangers.

What advice would you give to up and coming actors?
None of this is easy. If ur looking for easy, ur in the wrong business. If you don't mind the dedication it takes in the face of adversity, then my best advice, is to have a life outside of acting that will make you a more well rounded & balanced person.
Hope this finds you in good health and good spirits!!! Sending you a warm hug and my deepest thanks



Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hi everyone! Hope that all finds you well. Everything will be different on this blog. I have also made a twitter @thesoapspiel and a FB page. Please check them out. Like, share follow.

I would love your feedback on the interviews, etc. Also, please feel free to share what you would like to see or talk about. Email me @thesoapspiel@gmail.com. This blog is for us, the soap fans; so please do not be shy. All that I ask? Please do not actor bash.

I have not been watching too much of Young and the Restless since Delia died. Now, with this whole Michael Muhney scandal; it is ashame what the show is going through and hope it can get passed it. I love Abby and Tyler together! Tyler's ex is resurfacing; and I just know things will be complicated for them now. I hope not because they have such potential for a super couple.

Days of Our Lives is off the charts good! Days is my favorite show right now. There is murder, deception, sex; all the things that a soap should be about. The additions of Jen Lilley and Jade Harlow have made it even better for me. The icing on the proverbial cake? Daniel Cosgrove, (ex, AMC, GL, 90210) has signed on as a new character named Aiden. Love, Love, love, him to pieces! I can not wait for his arrival!

General Hospital. I will always love General Hospital! My issues are a plenty though with this show. They have changed the history of Ryan's Hope and the remaining characters on the show. The remaining characters act out of their personality and it is like watching another show. I loved the beginning of the 50th anniversary year with the additions of past characters and the Nurse's Ball; then it went down hill for me after that. I love, love, love Carly and Elizabeth and wish they write them being happy and drama free for once! Love Sabrina and Carlos together and the drama surrounding his arrival. I hope they get closer  and become a couple again. I would love to see Carlos actually be related to Sonny's first wife Lily and bring back Lilly Melgar in the role. They keep mentioning Lily and they brought Michael Saucedo back in the role of her son, Juan (which I loved and wish it was more than 1 episode) ; so they could so easily write Clink Boom as to never have happened.

Well, there you have it for this week. Please keep looking back for format changes and more interview and my weekly spiel. Like, share, follow, comment.

Thank you and have a nice weekend! See you next week on the Spiel! xoxo

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This week joining us is Matthew Borlenghi, who is no stranger to daytime TV. I asked him about the cancellation of AMC, webisodes, his current projects, and if daytime tv may be in his future?

Thank you for joining us Matthew! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you and to all the wonderful daytime fans.

I am saddened by the 2nd cancellation of AMC.
First for the dedicated fans, and second for the actors, producers and crew. Thirdly, a small part of me always held the hope of bringing Brian back to Pine Valley for a hello.

My thoughts on websoaps vs network are that it isn't a versus situation. There is room for both and an audience for both.
As long as the quality is there, from performances to production value, then by all means, its a positive. But I've seen some pretty awful stuff in the online offerings, so I've turned a blind eye to that.

Currently, I am behind the wheel of my own productions. My partner, Marklen Kennedy, and I just completed filming on a double-pilot order for A&E on a crime investigation series that everyone is very excited about. We are fortunate to be working with NorthSouth, an amazing team of folks, and we are revolutionizing the way a story is told when it comes to cases that have been solved.
That is only one show we have among many that networks are excited about.

I've always loved working on daytime dramas and would be thrilled to join a show today. I have great respect for those making the shows today, am friends with several of them, and would absolutely "kill it" for any of them if they called with an offer.
I'm still sore about getting "Franco'd" out of the opportunity to bring a dynamic performance to GH in the Valentin Cassadine role I was hired to play. I was ready to bring an Emmy home to GH. I know that may sound arrogant, but I was confident in that thinking. This guy was going to have layers up the wazoo.
Being assassinated on Days, being let go from B&B after that 'Hole' Maria Menoudos sabotaged me with an ET set-up interview... Bummers also for sure.
Y&R would be awesome to try as well.
Who knows what the future has in store?


Matthew Borlenghi
Partner - MBK Productions

Friday, January 3, 2014

HAPPY 2014!!


Happy 2014 everyone! Hope it is a blessed and healthy year for us all.

Starting next week, I will be having Talk to me Tuesdays and Spiel Saturdays. Keep checking on my new format and the interviews that are ahead.

Keep checking back!

Have a great weekend!