Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This week joining us is Matthew Borlenghi, who is no stranger to daytime TV. I asked him about the cancellation of AMC, webisodes, his current projects, and if daytime tv may be in his future?

Thank you for joining us Matthew! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you and to all the wonderful daytime fans.

I am saddened by the 2nd cancellation of AMC.
First for the dedicated fans, and second for the actors, producers and crew. Thirdly, a small part of me always held the hope of bringing Brian back to Pine Valley for a hello.

My thoughts on websoaps vs network are that it isn't a versus situation. There is room for both and an audience for both.
As long as the quality is there, from performances to production value, then by all means, its a positive. But I've seen some pretty awful stuff in the online offerings, so I've turned a blind eye to that.

Currently, I am behind the wheel of my own productions. My partner, Marklen Kennedy, and I just completed filming on a double-pilot order for A&E on a crime investigation series that everyone is very excited about. We are fortunate to be working with NorthSouth, an amazing team of folks, and we are revolutionizing the way a story is told when it comes to cases that have been solved.
That is only one show we have among many that networks are excited about.

I've always loved working on daytime dramas and would be thrilled to join a show today. I have great respect for those making the shows today, am friends with several of them, and would absolutely "kill it" for any of them if they called with an offer.
I'm still sore about getting "Franco'd" out of the opportunity to bring a dynamic performance to GH in the Valentin Cassadine role I was hired to play. I was ready to bring an Emmy home to GH. I know that may sound arrogant, but I was confident in that thinking. This guy was going to have layers up the wazoo.
Being assassinated on Days, being let go from B&B after that 'Hole' Maria Menoudos sabotaged me with an ET set-up interview... Bummers also for sure.
Y&R would be awesome to try as well.
Who knows what the future has in store?


Matthew Borlenghi
Partner - MBK Productions

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