Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hi everyone! Hope that all finds you well. Everything will be different on this blog. I have also made a twitter @thesoapspiel and a FB page. Please check them out. Like, share follow.

I would love your feedback on the interviews, etc. Also, please feel free to share what you would like to see or talk about. Email me This blog is for us, the soap fans; so please do not be shy. All that I ask? Please do not actor bash.

I have not been watching too much of Young and the Restless since Delia died. Now, with this whole Michael Muhney scandal; it is ashame what the show is going through and hope it can get passed it. I love Abby and Tyler together! Tyler's ex is resurfacing; and I just know things will be complicated for them now. I hope not because they have such potential for a super couple.

Days of Our Lives is off the charts good! Days is my favorite show right now. There is murder, deception, sex; all the things that a soap should be about. The additions of Jen Lilley and Jade Harlow have made it even better for me. The icing on the proverbial cake? Daniel Cosgrove, (ex, AMC, GL, 90210) has signed on as a new character named Aiden. Love, Love, love, him to pieces! I can not wait for his arrival!

General Hospital. I will always love General Hospital! My issues are a plenty though with this show. They have changed the history of Ryan's Hope and the remaining characters on the show. The remaining characters act out of their personality and it is like watching another show. I loved the beginning of the 50th anniversary year with the additions of past characters and the Nurse's Ball; then it went down hill for me after that. I love, love, love Carly and Elizabeth and wish they write them being happy and drama free for once! Love Sabrina and Carlos together and the drama surrounding his arrival. I hope they get closer  and become a couple again. I would love to see Carlos actually be related to Sonny's first wife Lily and bring back Lilly Melgar in the role. They keep mentioning Lily and they brought Michael Saucedo back in the role of her son, Juan (which I loved and wish it was more than 1 episode) ; so they could so easily write Clink Boom as to never have happened.

Well, there you have it for this week. Please keep looking back for format changes and more interview and my weekly spiel. Like, share, follow, comment.

Thank you and have a nice weekend! See you next week on the Spiel! xoxo

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  1. Have started to enjoy DOOL more and more, especially since the episodes before and after the "Dayaster". Am still missing Chandler Massey something fierce but Freddie Smith is still there so.... :)