Wednesday, October 26, 2016

~~~special feature~~~~

My interview with Cody Murphy from Weekdays With Murph

Hi Cody and welcome! Thank you so much for joining us again!

Absolutely.  Thank you for having me.

For people who do not know, what is the name of your show and how did you start doing it?

The name of the show is Weekdays with Murph, and I started it in August of 2012.  I had (and still have) several friends who host their own shows online, and I would sometimes call in and get to talk with their celebrity guests, etc.  One day, I thought to myself, "You know what? If they can do this, so can I", and the show was born.

what is your favorite part about being a radio host?

Oh, gosh...what's NOT my favorite part of being a host?  From the incredible guests we have on, to the listeners (I hate the term "fans", makes me uncomfortable), to getting to hopefully help some super talented people reach their dreams...there's really not a bad part about doing what I do.

Who would you like to interview but have not yet?

The past couple years, I've been getting into interviewing independent country music stars, and have made some awesome friends, who I'll keep for a lifetime, but to answer your question, I have my "big three" that I'd like to interview, and I've gotten one of them on already.  I'd love to have singers Brooke Eden or Lindsay Ell on.  Check them won't be disappointed.

You have spina bifida. What would you like to share most about what it's been like for you and what people people should know for awareness. 

October is Spina Bifida Awareness Month, and just today, actually, me and my co-host, Emily, did a show on this exact topic.  She basically interviewed me about Spina Bifida.  I always say this: "I can do anything any able bodied person can do, it might just take me a little longer to accomplish it".  I want people to know that Spina Bifida, even though it's a birth defect, doesn't affect a person's ability to lead a normal life.

What is your most memorable show?

There's been two so in soaps and one in music.  As far as soaps go, it had to be when I got a chance to talk with basically Daytime royalty, the lovely and talented Maura West.  I was physically shaking during that interview, but, Maura was, and still is, so incredibly sweet and such a pleasure to talk with.  The other interview that I will remember for a long time was with singer Dana Marie.  Her story is so inspirational, and she's just a super inspiring woman, that's all I'm going to say.

It's such a pleasure to have had you here Cody! All the best to you!

Thank you so much for reaching out to me again, Lisa!  It's always a pleasure to be asked to do this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stardish Blog Radio honors Agnes Nixon!

In Case you missed it; here is the link to last night's show hosted by JoAnn and Brandon from Brandon's Buzz. It is something I will never forget and want to thank all involved. It was an amazing night indeed!


Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Hi everyone!! I know it has been a long, long, time! I am so so sorry about that. Great things coming for The Soap Spiel and for me so I hope you check back.

Tonight, JoAnn from Stardish Radio Live airs tonight focusing on honoring AMC, OLTL, & Loving creator Agnes Nixon, Nixon, who passed in September, was a pioneet and legend in the genre of soaps.

The show is 8 pm eastern tonight. Check it out and I would love for you to tell us what you thought!

Talk soon!