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Hi Kristos! Welcome to the Soap Spiel! Thanks for joining us!

Thanks! Of course, thanks for having me.

You are currently on "The Bay". Tell us about your character

Thankfully enough, now that his big seizure has long passed, he's had time to regain most of his memory and become more grounded as a person. Frankly, it's a nice to no longer have to play him so confused. Anyway, Pete still has his rebellious nature and still likes to live on the edge. He knows what he wants and doesn't think twice about it. I think that's a part of Pete which will never change. That said, he has a good heart and doesn't mean any harm or ill will toward anyone. As far as love interests go, he's now paired up with Janice Ramos, portrayed by Lilly Melgar, who's a pleasure to work with. It's a bit awkward that Janice is the mother of his ex, Lianna, along with other obstacles their trying to get past. That said, the obstacles don't seem to outweigh the passionate fire that's been sparked between them. 

You and your cast mates seem to be a tight bunch and close. Absolutely love that. What do you attribute that to?

That's right, and we're often referred to as "The Bay Family." I love how tight-knit and supportive of one another we've become, on multiple levels. It makes our on-set experience very positive as well as all the time we spend with each other outside of production. I think it was attributed by the fact that we all came together to start something new. The show is known as one of the exemplary, pioneering original web series. Most who are involved, became involved because of the faith and heart they put into the project. We all have a mutual respect and love for one another in that regard. The success we've had, from all the magazines, the interviews, the Emmy recognition and other accolades.. we are all constantly celebrating our accomplishments together. I think Gregori J. Martin spearheads the environment well, writes the show well, and is a good all-around show runner. Our cast is amazing, and they all have a great time performing the material they get, as I do too. We all get to do what we love.

Are you working on any other projects?

Look out for the next feature film I star in- A Place Called Hollywood. My castmates include Lou Ferrigno Jr., Meg Foster, Ade McKormack, Mackenzie Mason, Cherie Johnson, Sean Kanan, Martha Madison, my producing partner Derrell Whitt and more. Furthermore, Gregori and I's production company LANY Entertainment has acquired the rights to the Columbine story. It's going to be a very deep and meaningful movie. I'm attached as an actor and producer. We (LANY Entertainment) are also also producing an upcoming TV miniseries in conjunction with Associated Television International (ATI). I feel very fortunate to be involved with such great projects.

What would you be if you weren't an actor?

Well, my first answer would be a director or producer. That may be a cheap answer though because I already produce. I also began directing (The Bay's Confessions are my official debut). If I were to choose something outside of film and television, I would probably be an inventor/ business owner. I have several ideas that I'd like to pursue at some point. I also like the idea of investing in property, my family and family friends do it, love it, it seems hard to go wrong with it. However, I don't think I'll be swayed from continually pursuing my acting and filmmaking aspirations.

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