Tuesday, May 2, 2017


                                             MY INTERVIEW WITH TALK DAYTIME'S
                                                           EMILY CORBETT      


Tell us a little bit about your show Talk Daytime. 

Hi! Thanks for having me back. Talk Daytime is my podcast with [co-host] Cathy Chandler. We had the idea and agreed to do a show together last summer, and we worked all summer and fall to ultimately premiere in January 2017. We focus on soaps and TV gossip, but we agreed, the day we decided to team up for this, that we'd use our platform to bright light to social issues and make a difference. In just a few short months since our premiere, we've taken on advocating for March of Dimes and the American Cancer Society, with plans to incorporate more causes that are important to raise awareness to such as sexual violence, Turner Syndrome, and Spina Bifida to name a few.

You are currently doing a fundraiser for brain cancer. Tell us about that.

We have decided that we wanted to use our platform to collect donations for the American Cancer Society through my personal Relay for Life page. This money benefits cancer research of all kinds, but brain cancer is something we're desperately trying to raise awareness to. A close friend of mine, Nancy, passed away in March after a fight with brain cancer. She wanted to share her story and raise awareness, and this fundraiser was actually, in part, her idea last fall. My personal reason for being passionate and involved with this is to honor her memory, but I know that cancer has touched the lives of nearly everyone in someway, so we've invited everyone to contribute and help support the fight against cancer. We have a giveaway going right now; anyone who donates through the link [on our Talk Daytime twitter] is entered to win a raffle basket full of "soapy" stuff and fun things.

Will it be an annual event?

YES! We want to do this every year until there's a cure.

How can people donate?

There is a link on all of our social media and the giveaway rules are there as well. We also have Talk Daytime shirts for sale for the entire month. I'd also like to encourage everyone to wear gray on May 9th for brain cancer awareness and tweet us your selfies with the hashtag #TalkDaytimeforACure

Thank you so much for joining me Emily. All the best! Please join us again soon!

Emily Corbett

Wednesday, April 12, 2017



Hi Cady and welcome to the Spiel once again.

You have started the "Seeing is Believing" campaign. For those who are not aware, please tell us about it.

The campaign is over but people can still contribute to the Indiegogo page and get fun perks like t-shirts and a coffee mug that looks like a camera lens!
The project is a series about women directors: interviews with amazing women who direct films and television. We talk about why they decided to be directors, the process of their creativity, and leadership skills that are important, especially when you are a woman!

What are your thoughts on ABC regaining the rights to the characters from AMC and OLTL?

Good for them! They invested the most into those shows, they should own them. Hopefully they will find a place online or on cable to make them available to all the fans who so want to relieve those stores. They are playing “Dark Shadows” on Hulu, so I don’t see why not!

Would you ever go back to daytime?

I look at it like “Never say Never.” Because something always happens. But I am focusing on directing now. I was just nominated for an Emmy for my directing work on Venice the Series, which is a soap, so who knows? I think the future is friendly.

Who is your dream actor to work with that you have not yet?

You know I never had that thought. Ever. I didn’t look that far down the road. I look just ahead of me. I wanted to work with Michael Knight, and I got to. David Canary, Peter Bergman, and of course my favorite, Jon Lindstrom. I have been very lucky.

Thanks again for being here. All the best to you!

Monday, January 9, 2017


                                                             EMILY CORBETT

You co-host Weekdays with Murph, how long has it been and what is it like for you to do an internet show?

I have co-hosted the show nearly three years. It will actually be three years in March. It's great, I love it. I like that we can just get on the phone with people and do the show, and that makes scheduling interviews a little easier, because we don't have to physically go anywhere. We can do the show anywhere, and I've done it in some strange places... the tanning bed, the grocery store, in my car on a road trip. You name it, I've probably done a show from there at some point. I will actually be leaving Weekdays at the end of the month to focus on my own new show!

You're starting a new show?
Yes! I'm so excited. Cathy Chandler, who has helped us at Weekdays a few times, has agreed to co-host with me. We named the show Talk Daytime after going back and forth on names a while. We've been planning it and working on it about six months so finally premiering is exciting!

You and Cody recently interviewed Genie Francis. What was that like?

It was amazing. Seriously. Ever since my first day on the show, I have said that my dream interview would be with Genie. It took me a really long time to get there, but I did. I have been actively pursuing it on and off for about eighteen months, and we finally worked it out. I was the one working on it, but Cody was always encouraging and supportive of my dream and he let basically stepped aside and let me do my thing, which was so sweet of him. I appreciate his support on it, for sure. As for Genie herself, she  was very kind and genuine and I enjoyed getting to know her a little bit. I can't say enough nice things about chatting with her. We also got to make a longtime friend of mine, Nancy's, dream of "meeting" Genie come true, which is something she'd wanted for about 35 or so years. While I was excited for myself, I was also really excited to make someone else's (who has wanted to meet Genie longer than I've been alive) dream come true. It was a great day for all of us.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love to record a bunch of episodes of General Hospital, like an entire week, and binge watch them all at once. I also love watching Gilmore Girls reruns. I sing to Martina McBride's old records, too. I also secretly love watching episodes of Bob Ross' TV show, and I love the super romantic, sappy Hallmark Christmas movies, even the ones that are really unrealistic like "A Prince for Christmas".

Is there anyone you would like to have on your show in the future?

You know, I said for nearly three years that Genie Francis was my dream guest. Now, I feel like I can retire happy at the ripe old age of 19 (LOL). But, no, seriously, I would love to interview Laura Wright or Nancy Lee Grahn. I'd like to have Mary Beth Evans on the show sometime, because she was my first real interview on Weekdays. But, my dreams have come true as cheesy as it sounds, so honestly, I'll be happy no matter what happens in the future.

You attend college. What is your major and goals?

Well, until recently, I was a nursing major. I was completely miserable but scared to tell anyone. I finally told my family I wanted to change my major and everyone was really excited and supportive, and happy that I made the decision to do what I always wanted to do. My major is now communications with a minor in political science. I might pursue law school one day, but my goals for now are just to get good grades and do as well as possible. I used to joke and say that I wanted to be like Hillary Clinton, because I admire her a great deal, but who knows?! I'm just very excited to be pursuing something that makes me happy.

Thank you so much for joining me!

Thanks for having me back on the blog! I just want everyone to know that they can find me on Twitter @ emilyc0915 or Instagram @ emilylaurencorbett and catch Talk Daytime in 2017. Very exciting things happening in this new year, so everyone stay tuned!