Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

Hey all......Hope you are all well.....Happy Holidays!!  I want to start out with Y &R.

Wow Sharon......I used to like you.........Adam???? Nick is a hottie and was finally into you! I just do not get it! Adam had you to believe your daughter was dead. Disappointed Shick fan right here!

Enough with Daisy already! She is a psycho!

And I am not liking Victoria and Billy together.......I miss Chloe and Billy......Sorry, not feeling the Kevin and Chloe pairing.

On One Life I am hating the DNA testing Who's the baby's Daddy story.....I know it happens all the time on soaps; but Jessica and Natalie are twins and it is just not right. 

Lovin the new Joey Buchanan! Kudos to Tom Degnan!... Filling Nathan Fillion shoes I am sure was not easy! Dan Gauthier back as Kevin also makes me very happy! This show is awesome!

GH is what can I say.......The Sopranos2. Love GH it is one of my first loves and favorites; but it's true. Anyone who knows me also knows I DO NOT LIKE BRENDA!!!! Nothing against Vanessa; but Brenda is all about her and let's all save Brenda and forget everyone else! GOO CARLY! Sorry, had to say that!

All My Children is my fave and getting good again! People may disagree about this but I have high hopes......CAN NOT WAIT FOR Daniel Cosgrove's return!! I believe it is the end of December. I truly think he will help the show return to it's glory where it belongs! I am also praying to the soap gods that TC Warner comes back and they can hook up? Hey! I can dream? Please write in to the show so that can happen! I am her Fan Club President and we have stepped up our campaign to bring her back to Pine Valley!

DAVID IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! The only thing is that Erica is going to get away with shooting him. David being evil or not; Erica always gets away with everything! Go with Caleb Erica and let Krystal have him!

Well, these are only my random thoughts and hope you enjoyed this post!

Happy Weekend!! Take care and be well!

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  1. Haha I hate Brenda too. Can't stand her. GH hasn't been that great lately. What are your thoughts on the bus crash?