Sunday, November 17, 2013


I asked Patsy what is was like return to Days, working with Charles Shaughnessy again and meeting her onscreen daughter Jen Lilley, The difference between soaps when she first started and now. She is truly a beauty in and out and it was a pleasure to do this interview with her. Thank you Patsy for being here. It has truly been an honor.

It was a bit of a commute..Lol almost 2,400 miles! I have not driven in L.A. for over 2 years. Thank goodness my friend Blaise picked me up at the airport and took me to rent a car. After living in L.A. for 28 years and then returning after a 2 1/2 year absence , it was surreal driving to NBC studios in a "rental" from a hotel. I felt like an alien visiting another planet. lol Once inside the studio though....the alien feelings all went away! Working with Charlie is like putting on a pair of your favorite comfortable slippers. It just feels right and good. I don't know how I got so lucky to find a "once in a lifetime" acting partner. But time doesn't seem to be a deterrent in syncing our camaraderie! I can always depend on Charlie...always! Given Kimberly's troubles were redeemable..I'd say Theresa has a chance. Unless someone is psychologically psychopathic (physically incapable of empathy) ANYBODY is redeemable. As long as the "empathy molecule" exists in their DNA, they have a chance.I already knew the standard for great acting is high at "Days" So, I figured whoever they cast as Theresa would have to an exceptional actress. Boy, was I right. Jen was born to act. She doesn't miss a beat.When you are on stage with her, every second is filled with subtext and nuance. She can pull you in with her amazing transformation into Theresa . I love working with her also for her spontaneity..if something happens during a scene..she will just go with it. It's like playing tennis with a really great both just keep the ball going and stay on your toes! What I have been up to since my last gig at Days...I probably have the most luscious uneventful life of anybody I know. I could make up all kinds of impressive actor stuff..but I find the truth much more interesting..I have an inner bliss of being exquisitely unimportant! I live amongest folks who really don't care who you are or what you do. They think it's great I "periodically"have a spiffy career ,but being famous is not required for sharing a joke and a coke. Just pick up after your dog and we all get along fine here. I guess the main difference nowadays with soaps is... there aren't that many left! Now some are on the web. I only have Days to compare to "now"..that difference is SPEED. Now it's "Soaps on Crack!" Lol I know for soap veterans it's tough to keep up with how fast they're done...I don't know if I could do it if I were just much RESPECT for the new characters and young actors... KUDOS!! After we wrapped my 3rd day back..I was left standing in middle of the NBC parking lot..still in full wardrobe!! And that's after 28 years of doing this gig !! LOL I hope this interview lets the fans know how much they matter. I would not be asked back (for all these years) without your support. You have put a roof over my head and helped feed my children.You are the reason I have had an amazing LONG career in T.V,film and stage....for 34 years! If you ever doubt the difference you make in somebody's life...keep this reminder. Every time you see a picture of me and my children ...know you are a part of our happiness. Thank you all! :):):)



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