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Hi Emily! Thanks so much for joining me here on the Spiel! Also, happy birthday!!

Please Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi guys! First off, thanks for interviewing me. Well, I'm Emily, but everyone calls me Em. I'm 17, today actually, and I'm a high school senior. I sing and act, and I co-host Weekdays with Murph with my best friend Cody. I live in Tennessee, and my part time job while I'm in school is answering the phone at my dad's office. I'm really girlie, everyone calls me a Princess because I always, for the most part, have my hair and makeup done and I don't like to get dirty or hot. The Southern heat makes me ill. I'm really close with my Grandparents and my Grandmother and I talk every single day multiple times. I love my TV shows and I'm a dedicated fan to all my favorite actors and shows. 

How did you get started on Weekdays with Murph?
Well, it's actually a funny story. Cody and I met on twitter, and he tweeted to me and said I should check his show out. At first, I kinda thought he was one of those crazy twitter spammers, but I learned that wasn't true really fast. I listened to a few shows and DMed him and said that since he loved GH so much, he should do a weekly recap. He decided to do it, and that first week he did it, I called in. It was a hit, and the rest is history. 

Fave show?
General Hospital 

Favorite character past or present?
Laura Spencer and Carly Jacks

Guilty pleasure?
Hmmmm, Law and Order re-runs, M&Ms, and mid afternoon naps. 

Thanks so so much again Emily! It was my pleasure and honor to have you here. 

Thanks so much for letting me talk a little about myself! I just want to say thank you to everyone, including you, for supporting Cody and myself and our show. 

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