Tuesday, November 4, 2014


                                    MY INTERVIEW WITH CHRYSTEE PHARRIS, (EX-PASSIONS)

  • Hi Chrystee! Welcome back to the Soap Spiel!
    Please tell us what you are working on.

  • I am on a new reality show called Queens of Drama with 5 other soap opera actresses. Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Hunter Archila and myself have a few weeks to put together a primetime show. It will air in 2015 on POP Network, which was formally known as TV Guide Network. I am excited about being apart of the project. The point of the show is for the 6 of us women to create a primetime TV show that we want to create giving us the power we want to have in the entertainment business.
  • Would you be able to do a live chat via twitter?
  • I won't be able to do a live chat till Dec.

  • That is perfect, we can do that then!

  • Where can fans contact you?

  • Fans can contact me via twitter/ chrystee pharris

  • Was there ever a script that was presented to you that you said this is perfect for me!?
  • I am really excited about the screening of Steps of Faith here in Los Angeles on Nov. 9th at the International Family Film Festival at 12pm. This is the role that when I got the script, I was like- Yes, this is me. And this is the first film that I was so proud of my work on screen.


All the best to you Chrystee! Thank you for joining us again!

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