Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hi all, time for me to rant and spiel again :D

Y&R is literally on my last nerve. Villy? please. BORING!!! Billy belongs with Chloe, sorry.
Victor and Nikki need to like end it already and looks like they have. But, will it be for good. They change partners more than they do underwear. Five minutes after they have an arguement they go and sleep with someone else. I know it is a soap; but be more realistic. Just saying...
Lovin the possibility of Chelsea and Adam...Reminds me of Annie and JR. A LOT LIKE.

Days is keeping me interested. Would loved to have seen Abby and Austin work out. Yes, I know...But, that is just me.
SAMI NEEDS TO LIKE MAKE UP HER MIND on what she wants and leave everyone else alone.
The scenes with Bope were beautiful and can not wait to see them in action again.
Jack and Jennifer back itogether is a highlight of mine also.

Getting ready to watch GH so I will post about that either later or tomorrow. Have a good one all!

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