Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi all and Happy Friday!

I have not watched all the soaps once again and need to catch up. I know some things happening on others besides GH, but that has been my focus and will always be my favorite remaining soap out there. I sure do miss AMC terribly every day.

Okay, are we in Port Charles or Llanview. I was for it at first, but enough is enough with these OLTL people being focused on. I used to watch OLTL and loved it but they are taking time away from Lante, Robin's return, and more. I don't care about the OLTL storylines anymore. I love Starr and feel horribly but please enough! Thanks!

Sonny has turned into one MUSH! and I hope he is just setting Kate up because I will not be happy. I honestly think Lily is John's sister and is alive. She would never allow someone if she was dead to hurt Sonny. She would be an angel!

Things do not look good for Johnny. Just when he was making head way with Carly, too. I hope they do not mess with CarJo! Please do not let it be him that hurt Ewen, and Cole, and Hope. I would be heartbroken. It should be Kate!

EWEN IS SAVED!! Liz was so happy and I was right behind her and smiled big at him being okay and her excitement.

Where are my babies Lante?? Besides E&E they are my faves! Do not mess with perfection, PLEASE!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back next week. Who is all going to the GH Weekend??

Take care and remember these are only my opinions, we all have them. XOXOXOXO

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