Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey all, been lax with the bloggin. Sorry. Have not been watching much of anything except my fave. GH!

It continues to get better and impress me. It is not perfect; but we all need to realize there are always things we are not going to agree with and things we LOVE. That being said ; lemme rant and love.

I love the fact Felicia came back and her and Mac are finally getting along.

Do you believe I felt sorry for Kate?? Yeah, I did. And glad Olivia came to her senses but she was really mean to Kate. I am not rooting for Kate and Sonny reunion, however.

Couples I want: E&E, Sonny and I don't really know except I hope Lily is indeed John's sister and they reveal she was saved by someone....Maybe Miguel who knows. But, she still loves Sonny and is trying to get away from Miguel. Hey, I can dream, right?? Alexis and Mac are a fave, Spixie, and CarJo. Matt needs to go. and Scrubs will find their way back and can not wait until they do. Miss anyone?

Ewen NEEDS to be alright. I love Jason but do not want Liason back. Ewen and Elizabeth have something real and beautiful and they are going to mess with that I am afraid. Sam needed him and Jason wasn't there for her. I think that was awful and putting her in the arms of McBain rapidly.

I have mixed feelings on the OLTL people coming on the show and now I hear some AMC as well. They are focusing a little too much on them and not enough on who was there before.

Miss Lucky and Nikolas and Brook. They need to be back in PC ASAP. I really want to see more of the Quartermaines. Tracy is a riot and needs a man because actually liking Luke and Anna.

That is all for now, please feel free to comment and follow and share and I hope you like and have a great weekend! PEACE and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all!