Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope things are well with you all. Let's  about Y&R and GH, shall we?

First, Y&R...Phyllis needs to go! She isn't redeemable anymore and needs to leave everyone alone. I am hoping that Nick and Sharon mind their way back and stays that way. 

Adam and Chelsea are so cute. Liking them a lot. Victoria and Billy continue to irritate me; always will. 

Chloe belongs with someone who will excite and love her; and Kevin just isn't it. If it isn't going to be Billy that she ends up with; I hope it is Ronan. 
I hope Paul finds his way back to the free world. He doesn't deserve the cards he has been dealt.


okay, EWEN?!?  REALY GH?? Elizabeth is going to get hurt AGAIN?!? She has made mistakes but was finally having a clean slate and now this. Jason is also only going to hurt her. Knowing she is in for heartbreak is not easy for this Liz fan. And I was really hoping E&E would happen.

Glad to see Lante finally having loving scenes and be on together and not fighting for once. 

I say Ewen is working for or with David Hayward. I am convinced he is involved somehow. Perhaps working for the Cassadine's. Ewen is rumored to be a Cassadine. I buy that; but still think they will bring David Hayward on. 

Watching Robin tortured was horrible! Heather told the truth for once and it will be hard to believe her. However, poor Anna is listening to her, thankfully. 

Well, that's all for now. Have a great Monday and week and stay tuned for more ranting and interviews with my faves also! 

 Take care! Xoxoxo

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