Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East and I am praying for all of you. My family and I were very lucky! We lost power but were fortunate enough to have no damage and power restored quicker than others. I am forever grateful for that and our safety. Then the Nor'easter. Hope all will stay safe and warm as you possible can!

GH keeps getting better and better! Loving That AJ is back and Tarly getting closer. Hope at lasts! Todd tell the truth already!

The fact that the Quartermaines's are getting a front burner is wonderful! They are an original part of the show and were not given the recognition they should have. They can be petty, spoiled, etc. but fun to watch.

Lante is love love love! I hope they have a child and lie happily ever after! <3

Alice doing a choke hold on Tracy had me literally hysterically laughing! Loved it! I do like Tracy; but she had that coming! LOL!

I love Y&R; but some of it is to same old thing. Jack vs. Victor, Phyllis is still an annoying witch, etc. Now Summer is following in her footsteps.

SHICK IS LOVE!! Enough said!

I love Sharon and hope Nick and Noah step up and help her!

I used to be into Days and hearing its getting good again? True? If so, I need to try to follow.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday, weekend, and week ahead! Thanks for all of your support, spread the word, share, follow, and keep motoring!

Xoxo :)

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