Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hi all, HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2013 sorry I haven't posted in a bit with the holidays and all, but look for interviews and more info/rants coming soon.

The Soap Gods answered my prayers and Prospect Park looks as if it is relaunching AMC and OLTL! SOOOOO excited. There have been signings already and Agnes Nixon is hands on with the relaunch. Love it! I just hope it actually happens as production is anticipated in February.  I am hoping they sign TC Warner, Daniel Cosgrove, and Ben Jorgensen (ex-Kevin Sheffield) and others for the relaunch. 

Loving GH! Connie is hilarious and Kate Sullivan was amazing this week. Her scenes regarding Trey's condition after the accident was Incredible and heart warming. I wish Eric Valdez the best and will miss him! Loved Trey and Kristina together!

I LOVE LUCY COE and the fact she is back stirring up trouble. I also hope she can help AJ in some way even though she signed an agreement with Tracy. AJ deserves a second chance and I hope he gets one. I am a hard core E&E fan, but would like to see Liz happy and with AJ. I think that they would be exciting and good for each other. I will forever miss Ewen though, they were endgame.

BRITT or BRITCH as I and others call her, need to go and become a human being. I hate her! For being a doctor she has no compassion or  respect for anyone or anything,

Tarly makes my heart melt and I hope they find their way back to one another.

I have gotten back into Y&R onc again and all I can say is Chloe and Billy need to leave their spouses and hook up again already.

I am forever a Shick fan, but since they ruined them, I am loving Avery and Nick and look forward to them heating up my screen more as they have. I am glad they have redeemed Sharon and hope she can be happy again.

Noah, please don't get yourself in trouble with that Adrianna, but unfortunately you will.

Well, until next time, take care and  please share and spread the word of my blog and I hope you will enjoy. Thank you!

Xoxoxo Lisa

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