Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interview with the beautful ex-Passions star Chrystee Pharris!!

Hi Chrystee! Thanks so much for being here. It's a real pleasure to have you here and to have gotten to know you a little bit. Hope to get to know your beautiful self. :)

Tell us about your character and time on Passions?
Simone Russell was awesome! Chad is still my man! lol. I really enjoyed being able to be creative on Passions. The producers allowed me to create the character I wanted to be. During the first year I was on the show, I paid attention to what was happening to my family and how Whitney was becoming more like my mom, Dr. Russell, so I gave Simone a character choice of being more like my father. My father had a temper so I made Simone have a temper too! It was fun. But, I have to admit, it was hard to slap Brook Kerr (Whitney) sometimes! Yikes, she was my friend in real life! I remember the day we were taping the episode when I caught her having sex with Chad, and I slapped soon as the scene was over, we both said (at the same time) "I love you!" It was cute. We were both invested in the scene so much that when it was over we wanted to make sure the other person was ok and didn't think we were really mad at them.  

Passions was a blessing to me and I loved everyone on the show. They were good to me. I miss them. 

Would you ever do another soap?

Yes, I would do a soap again. I just love acting! Period. Doesn't matter if I am doing a soap, sitcom, drama, theater, film, TV, webisodes- as long as I am acting and we are having fun- I am all for it. 

Do you think online soaps have take over and network soaps over?
That is a hard question. The entertainment industry is changing so much, now that we have the internet. I think everything will move to internet at some point, so we might as well get use to it. 

You were on Scrubs as Zach Braff's girlfriend. What was that character like? 
Working with Zach Braff was a joy. He was funny and cute and extremely nice. Donald Fasion and I have know each other for years so it was great to work with him as well. Kyle was fun because I, once again, got to play and be creative. I love comedy, so getting to be creative with those two people was amazing. I was sad when JD and Kyle broke up, but the breakup scene was awesome! Zach directed the episode. 

What protects are you working on now?
I am on tour doing my one woman show "In Search of O." It is about waiting until marriage to have sex and the fantasy vs the reality of that experience. It is a funny show. I also have a short film called "The Takeover,"  that just came out a few days ago. We are proud of the production. The Takeover is the story of best friends Ashley, a Caucasian fashion designer, and Tisha, an African American comic book artist, who debate the difficulty of dating; each arguing that the other has it easier. After help from a friend and his potent espresso, the ladies trade places and experience the dating scene in each other’s shoes for 24 hours. 

What advice would you give to an up coming actor?
My advice would be to trust your gut. Everyone has an opinion about what to do but truthfully, there are no right answers. Everyone has their own path. And just because it didn't work for them, does not mean it might not work for you. Trust your gut. Lastly, Will Smith said "While everyone else was sleeping, I was up working." That is my motto. Everyday, I work on my career. If I am not, someone else is.  

If you would like to receive inspirational messages via text messages or email, you can text InSearchofO to 313131. I will also let you know when I am performing my one woman show "In Search of O" in your city or when I am airing on tv. 

And you can always find me on twitter, Facebook and Instagram under Chrystee Pharris. Website is 

Thank you for the interview and I will always love my Passions fans. You are loved and appreciated. Chrystee 

Thanks so much again for being here. Best of luck in everything you do!

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