Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Congrats to the both of you on your marriage. May you have many years of happiness! xoxo Welcome to the Spiel!
 thank you SO much :)
How has the cancellation of AMC affected you?

I think it's effected us all the same way. It was news no actor ever wants to receive and made me extremely sad. However, it's opened a lot of new doors and has brought a lot of positive buzz to my name. So I will always be grateful to AMC for taking a chance in me. 
Would you consider doing another soap?

Absolutely. I love the family dynamic it allows the actors to create. I love the speed and how impulsive it forces you to be as an actor as well. Sign me up! 
What were the similarities or differences between you and AJ?

Unlike AJ, I have had no problems expressing my feelings for the love of my life. I am fortunate enough to have found her in my wife and will cherish my relationship with her forever. One similarity I find with AJ though would have to be his devotion for his friendships and longing to help other people. 
What sports are you into?
 HOCKEY! Basketball (Miami Heat baby!) and football…although my teams haven't been so hot the past few hearts. 
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Any future projects?

'14 is going to be a big release year for me. I have a number of films premiering this year including, A Walk Among the Tombstones in which I act alongside one of my favorite actor in the world, Liam Neeson. Make sure to check it out in theaters September 19.


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