Tuesday, August 12, 2014


                                         TALK TO ME TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014


Hi Dawn! Thank you for joining me on The Soap Spiel. It is an honor and pleasure to have one of my best friends in the world here.

Which events did you go to at the GHFCW?

Brian Craig, and Kelly Thiebaud event, Teresa Castillo, and Emme Rylan event, Main Cast event, Jason, and Dominic event, and The Karaoke event.... 

What was your favorite event at the GHFCW?

I gotta say the Karaoke event was by far the highlight of the weekend. If they have it again next year I'm definitely attending. 

There must have been lots of people there, Did you get to meet everyone you wanted?

Yes the whole weekend jammed packed with soap stars. I got to see everyone I wanted too...

Any moment during the weekend stand out to you?

Yep, meeting Ryan Carnes twice was what stands out to me. First encounter he thought we met before. He said to me "You look very familiar have we met before?" I told him "No, but I've tweeted to you." Second encounter he totally remembered my name and that made me feel good and he autographed 2 photos for me and on one he wrote all my love, and on the other photo he wrote Thanks for the love...

Amazing! So glad you had fun. Next year, I hope to join you! Thanks again Dawn! xoxo

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