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Hi Carrie! Welcome back to the Spiel! Always a pleasure!

Thank you for having me back Lisa!

What are you working on now?
Well, I'm just about to start a film called THE LAYOVER, a comedy which stars Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton and is being directed by William H. Macy. I'm really excited to be working with Bill, I've admired his work for many years, and can't wait to get on set with him. I'm not sure what I am allowed to say about my role and the plot, so we'll save that for another interview. I also have a thriller/horror film that hopefully will be out at the beginning of next year called THEY'RE WATCHING. We shot that in Romania and it's about an American TV film crew who goes on location to do a shoot and things don't quite go as planned. I'll keep everyone posted on that one.

What character that you played did you most identify with?

I think the character I've played that I most identify with is Skye Chandler. It's funny because I wouldn't have said that while I was playing her, but looking back I see a lot of similarities in her and myself. Skye, to me, was always misunderstood, and I feel that happens in my personal life. People seem to have a perception of who they think I am or what I'm about based on the characters I've played or just based on my outward appearance, and that usually brings them to the wrong conclusion. Skye got herself into a lot of trouble, going about things in the wrong way, I don't find myself in those situations, but I feel I do get misunderstood because people think they already know me and where I'm coming from without finding out who I really am.

If you were not an actor, what would you be?

If I wasn't an actor I would probably work in the fashion industry. I LOVE fashion, always have, and would love to work for a fashion magazine or as a buyer for a great boutique or store...ha, that's funny, I just realized as I was saying that that is the role I'm playing in my next movie, it's the best of both worlds! But, fashion has always been a passion of mine, I still to this day subscribe to 10 different fashion magazines and read them all cover to cover each month.

What made you get into acting?

What made me go into acting was the fantasy of it. As a little girl my Dad took me to the movies and I would sit in the audience and think I want to be a part of that, it just seemed magical, and it can be. I always had a very vivid imagination and would make up whole worlds in my head and act out the characters, and once I hit high school and joined the drama club, I knew I had found my tribe. I still get as excited today to go to work as I did the very first time I stepped on set, I just love the escape of it and telling stories.

Thank you for joining us once again Carrie. All the best!
Well, thank you Lisa for having me once again, you are such a supporter of mine and I appreciate it and you so much, you are one of the people who really make what I do so much more fun, so thank you!

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