Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My interview with friend and author Miss Daphne

ME: Hi Miss Daphne!! Thank you soo much for being here!! It is truly an honor to have you!!

Miss Daphne: Thank you Lisa, it’s a pleasure to be here!

Me: You are a dear friend of mine. A BFF if you will; but tell us a little bit about yourself....

Miss Daphne: I’m an author, motivational coach and host of The Thick & Lovin It!™ Show which was created to inspire love from within and maximize self-worth as the foundation for true bliss, one jean size at a time. My weight loss journey started in September 2000. I’ve lost over 200lbs in 18 months and have kept it off for over 8 years.

Me: You recently wrote a book...Congrats!! Tell us about it...

Miss Daphne: Thank you! I’ve written my autobiography titled “SoundBITES Behind The Bliss” which chronicles my weight loss journey from a “fly on the wall” perspective of private therapy sessions. I underwent gastric bypass in 2000 and lost 230lbs in 18 months. Little did I know that life would not turn out to be a bed of roses when I became a "normal" size. From self-destruction to self-love, SoundBITES Behind The Bliss reveals how I turned tragic life events into personal triumphs.

Me: I can not wait to read it!

Me: I need to lose 40-50 lbs... What kind of advice do you give to people who are need to or trying to lose weight like me?

Miss Daphne: My advice is to make an appointment with your doctor for a full physical to make sure any weight gain or inability to lose weight is not an underlying symptom for something else such as a thyroid condition or vitamin deficiency. Many people hear the classic line “eat right and exercise” from their doctors, but weight issues are not one size fits all. Everyone is different. If your doctor is telling you that, find a new doctor. Ask for referrals from friends or research doctors. Personally, I prefer doctors who have bariatric expertise. Diets make me gain weight, so I advise against them. Exercise is my key secret to losing and maintain weight loss. 30 – 60 minutes of cardio a few times a week has been my core strategy for maintaining my weight loss.

Me: GREAT ADVICE!! What is next for Miss Daphne?

Miss Daphne: I’m working on new episodes of The Thick & Lovin It!™ Show which is a 30-minute show discussing issues such as weight, relationships and self esteem. Shows will begin airing on UStream. I will also be promoting my autobiography “SoundBITES Behind The Bliss.”

Me: Well, I wish you all the best on the book and in everything you do.. You are truly an inspiration!! Thanks again for being here!!

Miss Daphne: Aww, you are so sweet. I truly appreciate it. Thank you for having me Lisa!

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