Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My interview with Lilly Melgar!!! (Janice, The Bay, ex-Lily, GH)

Me: Hi Lilly!! Thanks so much for not only being the first interview in my blog; but for allowing me to be your President. I am truly honored!
Lilly: I am honored to be your first (laughs) and to have YOU as my Pres! You are pure sunshine Lisa and so patient with my busy schedule. I am so blessed to have found you!
Me: You are now Janice Ramos on the web series "The Bay"; tell us what that has been like?
Lilly: It's been very special to have the opportunity to re-connect with my fans. I am incredibly grateful for their support and encouragement. I love everyone i'm working with and enjoy playing a saucy character as oppose to a sweet one (laughs). It's a fantastic work environment and i am looking forward to more!
Me: Without giving anything away, what can we see from Janice?
Lilly: Janice is saucy, sultry, feisty, fiercely loyal to her family, passionate and having a very challenging time raising her teenage daughter. 
Me: What are your thoughts on webisodes being the wave of the future?
Lilly: I believe that is yet to be seen. I personally think it's a fantastic option for those that are unable to watch tv due to a heavy work schedule. I still see it more as an option than 'the' way. 
Me: Do you have any other projects in the works??
Lilly: I am currently in negotiations in selling my 1st film production 'Black Cobra'. Other than that, The Bay is my main focus at the moment. 
Me: How did get started into acting?
Lilly: I had won a Ms El Salvador pageant here in LA and a UCLA film graduate saw me and asked me to star in his short film which ended up winning best short of that year. (smiles)
Me: Would you do another daytime soap??
Lilly: Never say 'never' 
Me: Well, thanks soo much for taking time out of your busy schedule Lilly!
Lilly: Thank YOU Lisa! 


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