Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My OLTL Experience

Hi all,

I recently attended  the OLTL Fan Club Luncheon in NYC. It was held at the Helmsley Hotel and was star packed!! What a beautiful hotel!

It was so much fun and I was at Table 4 and had front row viewing. YAY ME!

I was not only able to meet the OLTL cast members; but so many people that I know from Facebook. It was so good to see them in person also! Also stars in my book!

One of the perks of the day was that I won a t-shirt in the raffle. I have to say I have been lucky since going back to the soap events.

It was so good to be at a soap event. I hope I go to more in the near future. I have been MIA at them since the 90's. YIKES!

The actors were so gracious and welcoming that I wanted more. Thank you to the Fan Club President, Diane Casale and OLTL cast for a day to remember!

Until next time; take care and be well!


  1. Hi Lisa! Your blog is looking good!
    Love you. :)

  2. Thanks Dee!!! Love you more!!! :)

  3. It was a blast, and so glad I got to finally meet you. ((((hugs))))

  4. YAY!! I know!! soo glad!! (((HUGS)))