Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Interview with T.C. Warner (ex-Kelsey, AMC)

Me: Hey T.C.!!!  Thanks for being here!!!

T.C.: I love being here!!!!

Me: Tell everyone the circumstances that brought about me being your President.

T.C.: You crossed my path serendipitously and I was grateful that you were willing to take on such an endeavor as being the President of my Fan Club….  I really wanted someone who could be creative, well spoken and energetic!  I’ve had a fan club before that was not as fun as the one we have today.  With you running the fan club, I now want to get to know each and every one of my fans and keep them posted on things that I am doing.  I get excited when a new fan comes along because it feels like a new family member!  I want the fan club to be the first to see and hear of any new events happening and although with such social mediums like facebook, tweeting and so forth, I do make every effort to send information to my fan club and keep it unique to them first before the public sees any of it or gets wind of it… For example… With this interview, I am sending the photos that the paid photographer has taken and as per my request to the photographer, my mother and everyone else – the fan club gets to see these first!  My wedding photos to Chris Stratton that no one else has – YET! 

Me: You are recently married..Congrats!! Tell a little about the wedding and your new husband.

T.C.  The wedding went off fabulously!  Why and How?  Ask my mother… she did it ALL!  From the numerous locations we had in mind, the one that was finally chosen by my mother and myself was in Santa Fe at the Las Campanas Clubhouse – Somehow everything pointed to having it at that particular location – it was on the 10th day of the 10th month, in 2010 – the exit off the highway was mile marker #10, and it overlooked the 10th Tee on the Golf Course.  It had a gigantic library and fitting room for the males and females.  Plenty of room for a dance floor, patio, arbor, and several floating bars with extremely good food!  A very formal wedding and not one hiccup! 

Me: So, what have you been up to since being Kelsey Jefferson on AMC?

T.C.: I have been doing a lot of writing and production work and finishing my Masters Degree! I opened up Film and Video Art Productions and we have about 12 independent projects going at once.

Me: Any future projects?

T.C.: Two Projects I am focusing on at the moment are a feature film screenplay adaptation from the Novel “Now Silence” which is in re-writes at the moment and we are in Pre-production for the TV series/webisodes of Land of Entrapment.

Me: That is exciting!! Good Luck!! Would you ever consider going back to AMC as Kelsey or any other soap?

T.C.: I absolutely would love to go back to doing a Soap!

Me: Thanks soo much for joining us here and for the opportunity of being your President!
Your unconditional love is amazing!!


  1. Great interviews, Lisa! Your blog is coming along very nicely. :)

  2. Thanks sooo much Denise!!! Love you!