Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stardish Blog Radio honors Agnes Nixon!

In Case you missed it; here is the link to last night's show hosted by JoAnn and Brandon from Brandon's Buzz. It is something I will never forget and want to thank all involved. It was an amazing night indeed!



Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016

Hi everyone!! I know it has been a long, long, time! I am so so sorry about that. Great things coming for The Soap Spiel and for me so I hope you check back.

Tonight, JoAnn from Stardish Radio Live airs tonight focusing on honoring AMC, OLTL, & Loving creator Agnes Nixon, Nixon, who passed in September, was a pioneet and legend in the genre of soaps.

The show is 8 pm eastern tonight. Check it out and I would love for you to tell us what you thought!


Talk soon!


Saturday, July 30, 2016



                                                       PHOTO BY Daniel Gastelum

Photo by Daniel Gastelum 

                                                              Photo by Cheryl Walsh

A : Welcome Back to the Spiel Brad! For those who do not know, tell us about the Dream Loud campaign and how it got started     

The Dream Loud campaign is an over the top visual campaign aimed at raising awareness to the schools losing the art and music programs and to encourage parents and others to step in and help save them.

I started the Dream Loud campaign after learning about so many of the schools letting the Art & Music programs go due to budget cuts. Art programs helped me so much in helping me develop as an artist and as a person and I couldn't imagine not having them growing up and in school. I decided to visually try and capture the parents and others attention to the schools dropping the programs by photographing many of the Daytime Soap stars and other actors in over the top dramatic shoots. I thought if I shot them in a way they'd not seen yet, that I would be able to be stand behind them with a red flag saying 'come this way and help the schools' pretty much. lol Slowly but surely it started to work and parents began going to PTA meetings again, having fund raisers for their kid's schools and more. It's been pretty amazing. I've been in this business for many years, worked on many projects that have left me in awe, but this is the most creatively fulfilled I've ever felt. Being able to work with so many of my friends & give back to the school's art & music programs that encouraged us and others to be the people we've become feels amazing. I know the fight is just beginning, but if I can help encourage one kid/person to pursue something artistically creative whether it be painting, drawing, photography, learning to play a music instrument, designing clothing, etc I'm a happy camper. I was a kid of the 80's where there were no creative limits and I want those growing up today to know that can the creative boundaries have expanded you just have to express yourself. 


B : Who would you like to photograph that you have not yet?   

Gosh! There's so many people I'd love to photograph for the campaign. There's soooo many amazing phenomenally talented artists out there that would help raise so much awareness to the school's art & music programs. I've been trying to blend more of the unknown artists in with those known lately so that it showcases a broader spectrum of talent & to hopefully help the unknown to get discovered as well. 

I often get asked if I have a set wish list of people I'd want to shoot. My reply is always I want to photograph everyone, but when it comes to a wish list there is only one person on that list, and those who know me the best, know exactly who that one person is. :) I'll leave it at that for fear of one day jinxing it. lol

Now others, fellow twitter friends, etc. have a looooooong wish list for me. :) I promise I read/hear every single tweet request. Multiple times. lol I often only favorite the tweets for fear of getting someone's hopes up too much till it actually happens. I have to shoot around their working schedules, which changes daily, sometimes hourly. So, scheduling is hard, but I promise I'm going through everyone's wish list and trying to get them in front of my camera for the campaign. Everyone has that artist that brings it home for them, inspires them and is part of their daily regimen like coffee & brushing their teeth, and i want to strike the heart strings of everyone with having their favs part of this movement. It's far from over, so I promise my camera won't stop clicking as long as there are kids/people out there to creatively inspire. 

You photograph all different types of actors, but especially soaps. 
Would you consider acting in one?    

As an actor/fellow artist I've always respected the Daytime/Soap actor, but lately that respect has grown more than words can even express. There is no way I could have ever made the connection with the parents and gotten the word out about the school's and the programs without their help. Parents watch their shows religiously and thanks to the actors we were able to create an awareness for the need for creativity like never before. There's a saying in the acting world and that is that 'Everyone starts in Soaps' and that saying has never been more true than now. I've kind of done it in reverse, but I'm so grateful and blessed that so many of the daytime actors have such a passion for the art & music programs and have wanted to do all that they could to help save them. 

Outside of the daytime world I've been photographing those in primetime, films, music, etc. Shooting friends on shows such as those on The CW etc have created a different kind of dialogue with them and the parents that aren't online, twitter to see the campaign. Those kids have been seeing the pics and going to their parents and asking if they are supposed to have art & music programs in schools and it's awesome to know that it's creating that communication and interest in arts the other way around. I've been seeing soooooo many drawings that fans of actors on such shows as The Vampire Diaries, iZombie, etc have been drawing of the actors I've been shooting. That ROCKS!!! I can't tell you how much that means to see that. :) 

As far as myself being in some of the shoots in the future, I wouldn't count that out. :) Don't blink it might just happen sooner than you think. The ideas are certainly going back and forth between some of us, and let's just say I've missed being in front of the camera. I miss that way of creatively expressing myself and getting excited for the day that I make that return. :) Gosh I sound like a 901 year old stage actor who is coming out of retirement. lol Yeah, it's been to long. SOON! :) 

But as you can see from the pics I've including w/ this interview I'm not opposed to doing anything that I have my fellow actors do in my shoots. I've done it all and wanna do soooo much more. :) You'll see where my love for action film comes in with the shoots I've personally done for myself :) And of course the straight jacket 

What are actually your can't miss shows? 

Hmmm Can't miss shows. Growing up in the 80's.90s my can't miss shows were those like Growing Pain, Who's The Boss?, 90210, Melrose Place, etc. So, these days it has to be something that reallllly captures my attention. I'm addicted to shows like Bates Motel, because the details, the homage and the phenomenal acting has me in complete awe. I don't dare blink during that show. lol But there's so many other great shows I watch too. I just wish I had more time to watch them all. I used to watch everything. Now I catch myself watching a select few. But I never miss The Flash, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, iZombie and all those shows that my 13 year old teenage girl side wouldn't miss. :) OH, annnnd How To Get Away With Murder. Now that show....DAMN! So good. And so happy I have a friend who was just announced joining the cast this season. Stoked to see them mix it up and do their thing. 

K, I'll stop rambling. I'm obviously working on caffeine now. :) Like always :) 

Thank again for your continued support in the campaign and my work. Muuuuuah. So appreciated!!! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



Hi Christopher! Welcome to The spiel! It's an honor to have you!

For those who are unaware, Please tell us what you are currently working on besides being Paul on Days.
 I'm currently working on The Bay airing on Amazon Prime and was the main bad guy on Hawaii 5-0

What would you like to see for Paul in the near future?

Happiness for him and those around him and of course to see Sonny soon :)

If you weren't an actor, what career would like to have taken?

A pilot. Wanted to fly Huge Boeings.

What actor would you like to work with in the future?

MEL GIBSON! Always been a huge fan.

Favorite thing to do in spare time?

Work on creating scripts, hear philosophies of others and I love playing video games online with my father with our headsets.

Any other projects in the works?

I have a production company so we are creating intellectual properties now. Hopefully to continue to pave my path and a path for others to follow that are ethnically ambiguous.

Such a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you for being here!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015



Here is the interview:

Hi Bryan! Thank you so much and welcome to The Soap Spiel!

For those who are not familiar, tell us about Youthful Daze and your character.

Youthful Daze takes place in Calabasas,  California and centers around my character Drew Castle and his multiple personality Joshua. The show is created to feel like 90's teen dramas such as CRUEL INTENTIONS and "Beverly Hills 90210."

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't working?

I like to dance.  Not professionally, but I just like to move and love dancing. There's more dancing scenes coming up for me on YD. I think dancing is celebrating life. 

Who would you like to see on YD in the upcoming seasons?

I'm open to anyone and everyone from the soap opera industry but I'm also expanding the perception of the show by casting primetime and film talent.  I hope to have a mixture of all of them. 

How did you become an actor?

Acting is my calling it's the only thing I've ever seen myself doing, it has always been a passion of mine. I started taking some classes in Los Angeles and saw myself grow and knew this was for me.

What are the similarities and differences between you and Drew?

The similarities that Drew and I have are we both are highly emotional.  The difference between us is, I don't have sex as often as he does. 

Are you currently working on anything else?

Not at the moment, I'm focused on Youthful Daze right now. We begin filming nonstop in mid-October.  In January I'll be filming another project called the wonderful wendalls as well. 

Thank you so much again for being here!

Thanks for having me.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


                                         MY INTERVIEW WITH HOLLY GAGNIER
                                          (EX-CASSIE CALLISON, OLTL, JENNIFER SMITH, GH)

                       Welcome to the Spiel, Holly!!

                       What was your experience at GH like?

My GH gig was FAST, way too fast!!! I got the role the night before, and the next day I was at work. There were conversations with casting, and the writers regarding the direction they wanted the character to go in. I didn't sleep a lot that night, was up learning lines and trying to do a little research on the back story.
When I did get to work the next day, Frank Valentini, who knew me from OLTL saw that I was now blond. he said "no way, we need your hair BLACK!'. So it was off to hair where they put black colored mousse in my hair to make it dark, wardrobe found me the BEST Jennifer clothing and we kind of all created this very funny, edgy, trampy character!! It really was a collaboration.
When I finally met Tony and Genie, they could not have been more lovely. We worked and practiced and they made sure I was comfortable. There really isn't a heck of a lot of time in daytime to prepare, and I had even less time than most. Everyone was incredibly supportive, I saw some old friends and I truly felt at home. That really surprised me, because having not stepped foot on a soap stage in 20 years, i was expecting it to be far more terrifying!!
When that first day was over I was so bummed. It goes by so quickly, I wanted to be able to have another stab at my scenes!!

                       Thoughts on the cancellation of AMC/OLTL 

Any time a show gets cancelled, and you have that many people out of a job its devastating. seeing so many shows give way to reality, and talk shows is pretty rough. Especially since some of the acting in daytime is as good as you will see. When you see the scenes between Tony and Jonathan Jackson, you will be blown away, and those were shot in ONE TAKE. Daytime is incredibly hard, and when you see people like Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, Kim Zimmer and Susan Lucci, David Canary...the list just goes on and on, day in and day out so EXTRAORDINARY work, its sad to see it go. Sad for the fans too!

                       What are you currently working on? 

I currently am in a play in Los Angeles. I teach acting at a well-known acting school in-between jobs, and you always find me popping up in something. Now that my daughter is older I would LOVE to be back on a soap!!! I took time off to raise her.

                       What is your challenging role to date?

I have had many challenging roles. Crazy enough the most difficult one I did was a CD rom called Wing Commander IV. It was REALLY hard because you had to live out ALL the various scenarios of the game take after take. So one take your partner is killed, one take he lives. I was the master mind of the tech portion of the ship, LOTS of memorization and it took several months to shoot.

                      What is your fave thing to do when not working?

When I am not working I am always with my daughter. I also enjoy gardening and working on my house. I am a REAL DIY person!!! I also spend a significant amount of time with my siblings and their families. I am very lucky we all live in L.A..

                       What advice would you give to up and coming actors?

Advice??? Oh man, if there's anything else you THINK you might like better than acting go do that instead! hahaha Actually work hard, the journey is as important as the actual work you procure.

                       What actors have you never worked with, but would like to?

I would LOVE to have the opportunity to work with Eric Braeden, Kin Shriner and Justin Deas, I think Jane Elliot and I could REALLY go after each other hahaha. Tony was on that list, so I at east got one in there!
Those guys are amazeballs in the daytime world......Other than that Robert Duvall, Anthony Hopkins and Diane Keaton would be IT for me.

                       What made you become an actor?  
My father was a cinematographer. In fact he was Donna Mills DP on Knots Landing ( so it was great to run into her as well). I did my first commercial at 3 years old for Mattel. I was also a professional dancer, I did all of my own dancing in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Dance led to many roles for me which ended up with me acting and training full time.

Thanks for the interview. I would love for Jennifer to make more trouble in Port Charles, if the fans would continue to voice their support, that would be great!

                        I agree!! Tweet GH, write. Do whatever you have to. Let's see Holly and Jennifer back                         on GH! Thanks for being here Holly!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


                                         MY INTERVIEW WITH KIRA REED LORSCH
                                                               (JO, THE BAY)

You have a fan club! Congrats! Tell us more about it.

Yes I am thrilled to have a new fan club at 

Simply go to the Fan Info Page and sign up. You’ll get my newsletter, invitations to personal appearances and special events, plus signed photos and of course a personalized birthday card. Most importantly, you’ll get exclusive Behind The Scenes news from my shows including The Bay The Serieshttp://thebaytheseries.com/ I’ve partnered with Debby O’Connor to run my fan club. She is savvy, sophisticated and organized - my kind of woman.

What can we expect from Jo in the upcoming season of The Bay?

Jo is the coolest person I know. I relish getting to be her. She is being set up to be the Olivia Pope of Bay CityShe is up against a lot, attempting to keep Matthew Ashford’s Steve Jensen in line, while balancing the above board politics of the city’s elite. On The Bay Season 4 (#TheBay4) you’ll get to see Jo unfiltered, uber-opinionated, and unequivocally pissed off. You’ll also see her forgiving, funny and doing what she does best: fixing. I love Joand am grateful Gregori J. Martin created her for me. She has many sides and layers… just like every smart, strong woman in the world.

What actor would you like to work with in the future?
I hope to conspire with Ronn Moss’s John Blackwell on The Bay. I have been a friend of him and his wife Devin DeVasquez for years. Yet, I have never acted opposite him. Lilly Melgar is amaze balls! She would our course be thrilling to work with. I hope I get a chance to work with Jade Harlow as well. She is a Force. Beyond The Bay, I am drawn to off beat, charismatic, quirky actors. Pablo Schreiber, Jason Schwartzman and Jack Black are some of my current favorites. When I grow up I want to be like Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon continuing to produce great work beyond the Hollywood starlet years.

                                                      What is your favorite food?
That depends. On a “good” day I am vegan- esque. Lot’s of veggies and healthy stuff– yay! On a “bad” day I want nothing but cheese covered, breaded, buttered everything. I try to have more good days than bad days.

Would you consider doing a network soap?

The right role. The right people. The right time… Of course!

Have you ever been "star struck"?

Evey day day in L.A. you live among movie stars. Last week I was seated in a restaurant next to Arnold SchwarzeneggerMark Wahlberg was with his daughter in line getting frozen yogurt with me yesterday. I got a pedicure next to ChloĆ« Sevigny today. Plus, being a working actress and a member of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, I am around my celebrity peers all the time. They are people just like you and me. I used to feel awkward like: “what am I gonna say??” Now I just smile and say hello. Usually the biggest stars are the nicest. After all, you don’t get to the top by being an ***hole.