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                                           (DR. CHRISTINE NELSON, THE BAY)


Welcome to The Soap Spiel and thanks so much for being here! It is certainly my pleasure!
I grew up watching soaps. Another World was my first and I couldn't be more than 7-8. Loved it! Tell us what that experience was like?

 I grew up on the show, too! Literally.  All told, it was 9 years as Amanda Cory.  It was wonderful to work with some great people like Constance Ford, who played my grandmother on the show ( I felt she took me under her wing and we had great talks, well, she gave great life advice and I listened!).   I feel blessed that I was able to play a role over so many years, and I got to experience the richness of character that develops as the writers get comfortable with you, the actor and with the new boundaries that Amanda faced as she matured.
What project/projects are you currently working on?

 I have a reality show called Paranormal Tech that is currently on BLIP ( online) but is being shown to networks this pilot season, so.. we'll see!  I am part of a team of investigators ( made up of believers AND skeptics) that is called in to check out reports of paranormal activity!  I take on a bit of a journalistic role,  researching some history and interviewing witnesses.  Am I a believer?  You'll have to watch! :)

What do you like to do for fun?  

I love riding my horses in the hills, hiking with my dogs ( two German Shepherds), mountain biking and kickboxing.  When I am feeling more mellow, wine tasting or lunch at the beach :) Creative outlets are drawing, writing or attempting to play the piano ( badly).

 I have a passion for helping people see God's gifts in them ( I founded a company called Charisma on Camera to help experts feel like a rock star when they step in front of a TV or Video camera) and also the gift of nature.  I am involved in wildlife conservation and truly think humans are healthier when we are connected to nature!

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