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Welcome Martha. It's such a pleasure to meet you.

Thank you!

I stirred a little buzz the other night regarding Belle, your character on Days. Would you consider doing her again?

I have loved Days of our Lives since I was a little girl, and have been a soap fan in general my whole life.  Getting to actually work on Days was a dream come true.  If the stars align for me to play Belle again someday, I'd be honored and thrilled.

Congrats on The Soapbox. That is amazing. I have't had a chance to call in yet. Tell us a little about that.

The idea of SoapBox was conceived by Lilly Melgar and myself when TradioV asked if we were interested in doing a show.  At a time when I was "out to here pregnant" I wasn't doing much else and wanted to stay relevant in Hollywood and involved in the soap circle.  This was a perfect way to scratch that itch.....and get to play with some of my favorite people in an uncensored environment. 

Compare your character on "The Bay* and Belle.
Belle and Marly have a core difference in that Belle was in constant conflict about who she was and what kind of life she wanted for herself.  Shawn or Philip? Fashion or nursing? Pure or deceptive?  Belle always seemed to be fighting against her instincts instead of embracing them.  I also feel that Belle didn't crave any kind of independence.  She liked being half of a whole and being looked after.
Marly, on the other hand, is very self-aware, independent and strong.  She may not be the most PC woman in the world, but she knows exactly what she wants and doesn't want. She will take whatever steps necessary to achieve her objectives.  She's also an unforgiving, hot head.  She doesn't take crap from anyone, and she'll rarely give you a second chance!!
With the reference "fight or flight," I would say Belle was flight and Marly is all fight.
Thank you Martha! Truly my pleasure! All the best to you! xoxo

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