Saturday, February 22, 2014


Happy Saturday all!

This week, I started a fan fic of Elizabeth and Nikolas from GH called True Love is Never Wrong. I would love to thank my sister and Christy from Liason Radio for helping critique it. Thank you also to the positive feedback of friends that made it possible. I would love to share it with you. No one has to like Niz, butt it is something I wanted to write about and enjoy both actors and the couple from GH. More feedback is greatly appreciated.  Have a great weekend! See you next time on the Spiel!

Nikolas had been back in town for a month now and even though Elizabeth's feelings for Nikolas had resurfaced; she has been fighting them. "I don't want to make any more mistakes", she thinks to herself. Elizabeth has only seen Nikolas once since he returned to Port Charles, but it was as if time stood still when she laid eyes upon him: He looked amazing. Liz's feelings and memories flooded through her as well as the butterflies in her stomach. "Oh Liz, what are you going to do" she said out loud as Nikolas suddenly appears at the Nurse's Station at GH where Liz is doing the morning shift. Nikolas looks at her and says "Do what?" Elizabeth's mouth dropped open and she stuttered, "Hi Nikolas...oh nothing. What am I going to make for dinner?" Elizabeth laughs to cover up her nervousness. Nikolas laughs and smiles. "Funny you should mention dinner..." Liz looks at him "oh?" Just then Liz's heart dropped to her stomach. Nikolas smiles, "yes, I was wondering if you would do me the honor of having dinner with me tonight at the Metro Court?" Elizabeth smiles a little, trying not to express the total happiness of this moment, "yes, I would love to." Nikolas gives her a big smile. "Great, I will pick you up at 7. I have a board meeting, so I will see you tonight." Elizabeth nods and Nikolas smiles a bit as he walks away. Elizabeth goes back to work happily and can hardly wait until her shift ends.

Elizabeth arrives home later and plays with the kids then makes them dinner. She calls her grandmother, Audrey to come over to babysit while she is out with Nikolas. Audrey happily agrees and will be there shortly. Elizabeth scrambles to look for something to wear, but it's a no brainer. She will wear her favorite red dress. Elizabeth gets in the shower and memories of their sexual encounters flood her mind, including one in the shower. "Why am I so nervous? It's just dinner and it's Nikolas," she said out loud. Elizabeth gets out of the shower and starts to finish getting ready and her grandmother arrives. Elizabeth hugs Audrey and greets her happily. "So good to see you, Grams and thank you for coming over tonight." Audrey smiles, "Anytime, honey. Where are you going anyway?" "Nikolas asked me to go to dinner." Audrey smiles. "That's nice, I hope you have a great time." Elizabeth nods and goes to finish getting ready.

Elizabeth is ready just as the doorbells rings and she yells softly down to her grandmother to please get the door. Audrey answers the door, greets Nikolas and they visit with the kids until Elizabeth comes down after a few minutes. Elizabeth looks stunning in her red dress with her hair up and a smile on her face that lights up the room instantly. She wanted to look perfect for this night and she accomplished that. Nikolas smiled at her as she comes down the stairs and takes her hand. "You look beautiful, Elizabeth. Shall we go?" Elizabeth nods as say their goodbyes to Audrey and the kids.
It was a beautiful Friday night in Port Charles and everyone is out. Nikolas was glad he made a reservation a week ago. He wasn't the only unsure one about their feelings for each other, but he was hopeful and made the reservation anyway. Nikolas asked for the best table, champagne, and beautiful flowers to be delivered there before dinner.

Elizabeth and Nikolas arrive a short time later and they were seated immediately. Nikolas went all out for this night and it was going to go according to plan, he just knew it. Elizabeth smiled at him and their waiter came over and gave them their menus. They are both a little nervous but very happy this night is finally here. Nikolas looks into Elizabeth's eyes and just then the flowers Nikolas ordered arrives. Elizabeth takes them happily, smells them, opens the card and smiles at Nikolas. "Thank you so much. They are absolutely beautiful." Nikolas scoffs softly. "Not as beautiful as you!" Elizabeth grins and champagne is served. Nikolas raises his glass, "To us." Elizabeth raises her glass and they clink looking into each other's eyes.

The waiter takes their order of shrimp cocktail and filet mignon, and then suddenly there is a silence. After what seemed to be forever, only a mere minute for Elizabeth, she just had to make her confession. "Nikolas, I want you, I am still in love with you. Never really stopped, but -" Nikolas puts his finger on her lips," You do not know how long I have waited to hear you say that. I want you, Elizabeth. I have always loved you. Never stopped either." Elizabeth looks down and Nikolas brings her chin up, "This is our time now, Liz. There is nothing or no one to stop us. We were meant to be together. " Elizabeth smiles a little, "I am so afraid we will be making a mistake." Nikolas shakes his head, "True love is never a mistake." Elizabeth smiles in agreement.

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