Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hi everyone! Hope finds you all well. This winter has sure reared its ugly head and made things difficult.

For the most part, I watched Days and GH, but not all of it.

First of all, I want to thank @susiecue78 for being The Soap Spiel's 100th follower and winning an autograph pic of Days' star, Jade Harlow. Keep it here for more contests, etc.

The issue of Liz getting the DNA to determine who the father of Britt's baby was awesome.. #TeamLiz. However, I really hope they give her a better storyline. She deserves happiness and not in any danger or controversies.

Love the Thrady scenes lately. I think they will definitely hook up sometime soon. Some people have not taking kindly to this or Theresa. I understand that. However, I think Theresa needs someone like Brady and vice versa.  Jafe is getting closer and I am loving! Next week, things heat up even more!

These opinions are only mine, we all have them and should respect everyone's.

Sorry to keep this short, stay tuned for more surprises and Talk to me Tuesday, February 18th, when my guest will be Gregori J. Martin!

Until next time on The Soap Spiel, stay safe and well!


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