Saturday, February 1, 2014


Good Afternoon and Happy Saturday and February to you all! Hope all finds you well! I am so sorry for the late post this week, but let's get started, shall we?

First, I would like to talk about the blog itself. Just a reminder to you all that suggestions, criticisms, are welcome. I would love feedback no matter what it is. Also, if there is anyone you would like me to interview, I would be glad to try and get for a future post. Live tweeting is something I would also like to do, so watch for that. One other addition to the blog is your thoughts on events that you have gone to. If there is anyone who would like to tell me about a soap event that you have been to or are going to, I would like to interview me. Email me all correspondence to
Thanks in advance.

Lots of excitement this week for the shows. I do not watch B&B anymore, but will try to watch and give input the best that I can. Loving Days and maybe GH is growing on me again, maybe...

Nick is back on Days and crazier than ever. Has he changed, gotten crazier? This remains to be seen, but would not hold my breath that he is reformed. Kudos to Blake Berris on his return. Fun to watch!

I am a Chabby fan, so this is hard for me to say, but Ejabby is hot! Wow, and more to come. I am looking forward to seeing next week.

Y&R was full of suspense and drama. It was finally revealed that Adam was Delia's killer. Billy took Adam hostage and were in another accident and at the end of yesterday's cliffhanger, an explosion. I truly do not think it was Adam. I do believe Adam thinks he hit Delia, but actually didn't. I am looking forward to seeing how that story unfolds.

GH on Friday was amazing! Thaoo Penghlis returns as Victor Cassadine and sure to make more drama. Dr. Obrecht is the Chief of Staff at GH because Victor is the Chief Director at the WSB. That explains a lot! Victor and his goons came to see Robin and wants her to help him bring Stavros and Helena back from the dead; which will make even more drama!

Well, going to go for now. Check back on Tuesday with "Talk to me Tuesday" and my special guest, Tonya Pinkins of AMC fame.

These are only my thoughts and opinions, we are all entitled to have them.

Have a great weekend and see you next time on The Soap Spiel! xoxo

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