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What are your thoughts on the cancellations of AMC and OLTL?
It saddens me to see AMC and OTL gone. I grew up watching those shows. I spent 20 years in daytime on AMC and ATWT. It was great training ground. It was a great way to support yourself while pursuing theater. Some amazing actors inhabited those sound stages

What was it like being on such an amazing show such as AMC?
AMC was a dream for me because at 7 I imagined one day being on that show. It was the first show I auditioned for when I got to New York. i was scheduled to test for Angie and I knew I was going to get it so I turned down Tin Types at Actor's theater of Louisville only to have the test cancelled because Debbie Morgan had been offered and had accepted the role. I was too young to know about "offers" back then. But Joan D'Incecco remembered me and brought me in to test sight unseen for  ten years for the role of Livia. Joan D'Incecco must be commended for assembling the stellar original cast.
Would you consider doing another soap?
I would love to do another soap. there is nothing like it. It's kind of like theater on film . You can be big in soaps in a way that is not acceptable in any medium other than the theater

What are you working on now?

I have been doing a lot of writing. I've finished a play. I'm finishing a book on my walk of the West highland Way in Scotland. I'm on the Obie committee so seeing lots of theater, which I love. Directing a piece by Jeffrey Sweet in a festival in April. I'll be performing in PITBULLS by Keith Joseph Atkins directed by Leah gardener at Rattle Stick in the fall. And a few other workshops. But lots of writing, I've got a number of stories to tell
What advice would you give to up and coming actors?
Its a great time to be an actor. You can create your own work post it online and get attention from a global audience. JUST DO IT!
Thanks so much Tonya! It is certainly my pleasure to have you on The Soap Spiel!

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