Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hi Tracey and thanks so much for joining me on The Soap Spiel!
Hi Lisa.

What was it like to be on such a show as Passions?

It was great fun to be on Passions.  It was also exhausting, challenging and frustrating 
at times.  The cast and almost everyone who worked on the show was warm, friendly and lovably daffy. Everyone was dazzlingly good-looking and I never got used to it..

Tell us about the character on there in case there are those that do not know?

Dr. Eve Russell was the town doctor.  As far as I can tell she specialized in everything.
She did heart surgery, acted as coroner and if there had been pets on the show would
have probably been a vet as well.  Her two favorite things to say were, "Only love can save
him now" ,and, "All we can do now is pray."

Her main problem was trying to hide her somewhat sleezey past from her husband and family.
She was being blackmailed on a daily basis (by Ivy Crane or her own sister, Liz )
and romantically torn between her husband, T.C. and her
former flame, Julian Crane.
Would you consider doing another soap?
Yes, I would consider doing another soap if it was offered but since I consider myself
retired that is unlikely to happen.
What projects are you working on now?
I'm currently traveling around the country in a little RV and seeing America.

What is your passion?

My passions are my son, children in general, RV'ing, learning survival skills,
reading (especially philosophy and history).
That is amazing! Best of luck and love to you and Thank you so much Tracey, it was my pleasure! :)

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