Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East and I am praying for all of you. My family and I were very lucky! We lost power but were fortunate enough to have no damage and power restored quicker than others. I am forever grateful for that and our safety. Then the Nor'easter. Hope all will stay safe and warm as you possible can!

GH keeps getting better and better! Loving That AJ is back and Tarly getting closer. Hope at lasts! Todd tell the truth already!

The fact that the Quartermaines's are getting a front burner is wonderful! They are an original part of the show and were not given the recognition they should have. They can be petty, spoiled, etc. but fun to watch.

Lante is love love love! I hope they have a child and lie happily ever after! <3

Alice doing a choke hold on Tracy had me literally hysterically laughing! Loved it! I do like Tracy; but she had that coming! LOL!

I love Y&R; but some of it is to same old thing. Jack vs. Victor, Phyllis is still an annoying witch, etc. Now Summer is following in her footsteps.

SHICK IS LOVE!! Enough said!

I love Sharon and hope Nick and Noah step up and help her!

I used to be into Days and hearing its getting good again? True? If so, I need to try to follow.

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday, weekend, and week ahead! Thanks for all of your support, spread the word, share, follow, and keep motoring!

Xoxo :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


  • Hi Lisa, 

    First off, thank you so much for your continued support. One of the most amazing things about having been a part of a daytime show is the continued love and support from the fans and those people who work and love this genre.

    1) You played Skye Chandler on AMC. Tell us about that and how the cancellation of the show affected you.

    The cancelling of the ALL MY CHILDREN was really sad to me. It felt like a part of my life and history was being wiped out. Even though it had been many years since I had been on the show, it was nice to be know that life in Pine Valley was still going on every day. It's sad, it's sad to see what's happening to daytime television. ALL MY CHILDREN was such part of the American television landscape, so many of us grew up with it and with the characters in Pine Valley, celebrating holidays, births, deaths together, it's sad to know it's gone, as well as so many others. It was an incredible place to work and learn, the tools I learned from the veterans of that show I still learn when I'm on set today, I'll always be grateful for the time I had on ALL MY CHILDREN.

    2) Do you still keep in touch with any former cast mates?

    I do still keep in touch with a few cast mates, Lauren Roman and I have remained friends, Jennifer Bassey, Michael Lowry, and I also keep in touch with people on Facebook as well, have a lot of former cast mates on their I touch base with from time to time as well, which is fun.

    3) What have you done since AMC?

    I've done a lot since AMC. I've done a lot of episodic television, KYLE XY, FLASH GORDON, SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, CASTLE, PSYCH, to name a few, as well as I've worked with some amazing directors on and actors on such feature films as 88 MINUTES, THE IMAGINARIUM OF DR. PARNASSUS, WATCHMEN, JENNIFER'S BODY. 

    I have a TV movie premiering on The Hallmark Channel November 10th at 8 pm PST called THE WISHING TREE with Jason Gedrick, the trailer can be viewed at

    I have an episode of THE HAUNTING HOUR on The Hub premiering in 2013, and I have an independent film called EVIL FEED which will be making it's debut in the festival circuit in 2013 as well, you can view some behind the scenes pictures at the official website at, I play a villain named "Madame Dragonfly".

    I've also just finished with a great festival run of a short film I star in called THE BALLERINA AND THE ROCKING HORSE, where I won Best Actress at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival for my role in that. Our trailer can be viewed at and you can join in on all the news and updates about the short on our Facebook page at

    And aside from all of that, I've written two comedy pilots with my writing partner Danielle Nicolet here in Los Angeles, and have a number of unscripted shows in development. I like to keep myself busy.

    4) I have started a campaign to bring Your Skye back on GH. what did you think when I approached you.

    When you approached me about starting a campaign to bring Skye back to GH I was flattered. Robin Christopher has really done such a wonderful job with the character, and my time playing Skye was so different than where they took her after, plus Robin has had many more years playing the role, I was flattered that you would want to see me bring Skye back to GH, I would be open to it, it would be a lot of fun to step back into her shoes, we both have changed a lot over the years.

    5) You are from Canada. Do you still live there? What was it like growing up there?

    I am from Canada, yes. I was born in Vancouver, I still have family there. I'm not living there currently, but I do go back to Vancouver to work a lot and enjoy it when I do. Los Angeles is home to me, I enjoy living in Los Angeles. Growing up in Canada was great, I grew up in a beautiful city, we have the beaches and mountains right at our finger tips, it's a great place to grow up. Even thought it is a different country, we're so closely tied to The United States we still got all of the same TV shows, movies, etc, so it is a different country, but I didn't feel so far away when I left, and still don't.

    Terry Ingram, renowned Vancouver based director of extraordinary, imaginative and distinctive Film - TV productions in all genres.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well. Lots to talk to about so let's get it going.

First, I was talking with a new friend and now dear friend Laura Coppola about our love for All My Children and how we miss it. It was nice to talk about how it feels to miss it and reminisce.

They should have never raised our hopes about it coming online. That ending is mute then. So man things they need to answer before they can just say its gone. They need a movie or something! It is so upsetting how the just let the actors and fans hang in for nothing.

Forgive me in advance but I am going to repeat my campaign to bring in TC Warner(ex Kelsey AMC) Carrie Genzel(ex Skye) and Lilly Melgar (ex Lily, GH) Please write to the show and tell them it would be an asset to have them on like I did. Thank you!

Steve Burton aired his last show and it was sad and powerful. He will be missed and I wish Him and his family all the best.

I miss Ewen on GH! Why did they have to change his character to a decent strong man to an evil killer! He was perfect for Liz! Perfect! Poor Liz now! Angers and makes me sad! They ruined him and a possible super couple in my opinion.

Check out the blog for some interviews soon and remember these at my opinions; we all have them and respect yours so please respect mine.

Take care, be well and have a great week ahead! :) xoxo

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello everyone and Happy Saturday! Hope everyone had a great week!

First, I would like to talk about my campaign to bring TC Warner (ex Kelsey, AMC), Lilly Melgar (ex Lily) and Carrie Genzel (ex Skye) to GH. GH needs these lovelies and bringing two characters from the past would be an asset in my opinion. No one is ever dead in Port Charles; so Lily can bealive some how. Sonny needs her! TC can be a recast of a character or a totally new one or Kelsey can come to PC! They can work her in some how. A please join me In The campaign and write to the show to make this happen. Thanks in advance!

Y&R just keeps peeking my interest. I hope they can redeem Sharon in Nick and her children's eyes. I love how they made her stronger; they just could have done without the betrayals and such.

PHYLLIS GOT AWAY ITH ATTEMPTED MURDER AND EVEYTHING SHE DOES! WOW! This really blows my mind and sorry for the outburst.

Adam and Chelsea....lovin them....Adam did horrible things.. But his environment compelled him in that direction and I am really glad to see he made changes for the better.

GH left us with a cliffhanger that is heartbreaking, Hopefully Sam's baby will survive Heather's lunacy.

Loving the Tarly possibility. CarJo should have never been ruined but I will ship Tarly.

Am I the only one who likes Ellie? She is nice and pretty and good for Spinelli. I love Maxie and maybe she can win him back; but loving the storyline.

We will talk again soon! Take care and have a great weekend! Xoxo

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. It's been a while so lets get to it!

Y&R was always one of my faves and I have to say I am enjoying again after a little disappointing month from the show.

I love Sharon!  Wish they didn't write some of the bad things that she did; but no one is perfect and she is strong and makes her more beautiful! Good for her!

Victor needs to be brought down a peg or two and I am glad Tucker is there to maybe be the one!

Phyllis........disgusting! Don't like her. Never did and never will. Sorry!

Chloe and Billy belong with me another and should get rid of their respective spouses.

I will be back soon for more spiel. Thanks for following and reading. Hope you enjoy more in the future!

Have a great day all! Xoxo

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope things are well with you all. Let's  about Y&R and GH, shall we?

First, Y&R...Phyllis needs to go! She isn't redeemable anymore and needs to leave everyone alone. I am hoping that Nick and Sharon mind their way back and stays that way. 

Adam and Chelsea are so cute. Liking them a lot. Victoria and Billy continue to irritate me; always will. 

Chloe belongs with someone who will excite and love her; and Kevin just isn't it. If it isn't going to be Billy that she ends up with; I hope it is Ronan. 
I hope Paul finds his way back to the free world. He doesn't deserve the cards he has been dealt.


okay, EWEN?!?  REALY GH?? Elizabeth is going to get hurt AGAIN?!? She has made mistakes but was finally having a clean slate and now this. Jason is also only going to hurt her. Knowing she is in for heartbreak is not easy for this Liz fan. And I was really hoping E&E would happen.

Glad to see Lante finally having loving scenes and be on together and not fighting for once. 

I say Ewen is working for or with David Hayward. I am convinced he is involved somehow. Perhaps working for the Cassadine's. Ewen is rumored to be a Cassadine. I buy that; but still think they will bring David Hayward on. 

Watching Robin tortured was horrible! Heather told the truth for once and it will be hard to believe her. However, poor Anna is listening to her, thankfully. 

Well, that's all for now. Have a great Monday and week and stay tuned for more ranting and interviews with my faves also! 

 Take care! Xoxoxo

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hi everyone. My computer was not working and it is still giving me trouble but I am getting by; so sorry I have not been around but I am here now.

GH is so good lately as I have been saying and can not say it enough! I am not liking some of the prospects and am hopeful of some things, so until it actually happens; I am keeping quiet.

CONGRATS TO GENERAL HOSPITAL on winning BEST DAYTIME DRAMA! However, I am disappointed AMC did not get the recognition it deserved. They got robbed. Rebecca Herbst and Debbi Morgan also got robbed in their categories.

GOOO Lizzie Webber! Sam is the one that couldn't forgive! I am an E&E fan, so I am hoping for the best there!

Nu Kristina needs a slap and needs a reality check. Trey needs to go like NOW!

I feel bad for Kate and that is not easy for me to say. It drives me nuts that they call her Kate when Kate is the alter that was conjured by Connie.


These are only my opinions, we all have them and entitled to them!

Have a great weekend and Love and Light! xoxoxoxo

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hi all and Happy Friday!

I have not watched all the soaps once again and need to catch up. I know some things happening on others besides GH, but that has been my focus and will always be my favorite remaining soap out there. I sure do miss AMC terribly every day.

Okay, are we in Port Charles or Llanview. I was for it at first, but enough is enough with these OLTL people being focused on. I used to watch OLTL and loved it but they are taking time away from Lante, Robin's return, and more. I don't care about the OLTL storylines anymore. I love Starr and feel horribly but please enough! Thanks!

Sonny has turned into one MUSH! and I hope he is just setting Kate up because I will not be happy. I honestly think Lily is John's sister and is alive. She would never allow someone if she was dead to hurt Sonny. She would be an angel!

Things do not look good for Johnny. Just when he was making head way with Carly, too. I hope they do not mess with CarJo! Please do not let it be him that hurt Ewen, and Cole, and Hope. I would be heartbroken. It should be Kate!

EWEN IS SAVED!! Liz was so happy and I was right behind her and smiled big at him being okay and her excitement.

Where are my babies Lante?? Besides E&E they are my faves! Do not mess with perfection, PLEASE!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back next week. Who is all going to the GH Weekend??

Take care and remember these are only my opinions, we all have them. XOXOXOXO

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey all, been lax with the bloggin. Sorry. Have not been watching much of anything except my fave. GH!

It continues to get better and impress me. It is not perfect; but we all need to realize there are always things we are not going to agree with and things we LOVE. That being said ; lemme rant and love.

I love the fact Felicia came back and her and Mac are finally getting along.

Do you believe I felt sorry for Kate?? Yeah, I did. And glad Olivia came to her senses but she was really mean to Kate. I am not rooting for Kate and Sonny reunion, however.

Couples I want: E&E, Sonny and I don't really know except I hope Lily is indeed John's sister and they reveal she was saved by someone....Maybe Miguel who knows. But, she still loves Sonny and is trying to get away from Miguel. Hey, I can dream, right?? Alexis and Mac are a fave, Spixie, and CarJo. Matt needs to go. and Scrubs will find their way back and can not wait until they do. Miss anyone?

Ewen NEEDS to be alright. I love Jason but do not want Liason back. Ewen and Elizabeth have something real and beautiful and they are going to mess with that I am afraid. Sam needed him and Jason wasn't there for her. I think that was awful and putting her in the arms of McBain rapidly.

I have mixed feelings on the OLTL people coming on the show and now I hear some AMC as well. They are focusing a little too much on them and not enough on who was there before.

Miss Lucky and Nikolas and Brook. They need to be back in PC ASAP. I really want to see more of the Quartermaines. Tracy is a riot and needs a man because actually liking Luke and Anna.

That is all for now, please feel free to comment and follow and share and I hope you like and have a great weekend! PEACE and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

GH keeps getting better and better; in my opinion.

My favorite part is Heather Webber. She is a trip! I loved how she called Sam out on her keeping things from Jason. Team Jason!

Ahh E&E is love! I fear that Liason will back. I do like Liason; but would love to see Elizabeth and Ewen flourish.

John Has a sister that Sonny killed? Buzz is it is Lily, his first wife. I for one; would be estatic! Story is unfolding; so we will see. In the meantime, write in so my girl Lilly Melgar could reprise her role as the beautiful Lily Corinthos.

Can't wait until the expose Kate for the psycho killer that she is. Enough is enough! poor Starr believes it is Sonny that killed Cole and Hope when it is Connie who framed Sonny!

Well, that's it for now. Remember; these thoughts are only mine. I respect and love to hear yours.

Thanks for reading! Take care and have a great day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hi all, time for me to rant and spiel again :D

Y&R is literally on my last nerve. Villy? please. BORING!!! Billy belongs with Chloe, sorry.
Victor and Nikki need to like end it already and looks like they have. But, will it be for good. They change partners more than they do underwear. Five minutes after they have an arguement they go and sleep with someone else. I know it is a soap; but be more realistic. Just saying...
Lovin the possibility of Chelsea and Adam...Reminds me of Annie and JR. A LOT LIKE.

Days is keeping me interested. Would loved to have seen Abby and Austin work out. Yes, I know...But, that is just me.
SAMI NEEDS TO LIKE MAKE UP HER MIND on what she wants and leave everyone else alone.
The scenes with Bope were beautiful and can not wait to see them in action again.
Jack and Jennifer back itogether is a highlight of mine also.

Getting ready to watch GH so I will post about that either later or tomorrow. Have a good one all!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi all! Hope all is well with you. First, I wanna thank you all for viewing and hope that you enjoy. Second, I want to thank those who made some of these pics. They are beautiful and I can't thank you enough. You know who you are :)

Well, I haven't watched anything but GH lately and it is rockin! I am so happy that it got saved and that the Revolution got cancelled instead. I truly think the show is getting better and excited for it's future.

I am sorry but Heather Webber is a riot. She is a psycho and no one should like here but you can not help how she tells it like it is. She was sorely missed by me and I hope they can bring Kin Shriner back as Scotty for her. They had chemistry and would make the show more interesting; I think.

Maxie and Kate are a waste of air time; sorry to say. Skate makes me sick and all Maxie does is whine and show how selfish and petty she is.

ROBIN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!! This is an exciting story and will be interesting to see unfold.

Jason and Franco are twins?? STUPID but Heather is in the middle of the story so I don't mind.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hi all! It has been forever and a day since I posted and I am so sorry. A lot of things have been going on but all is coming together and well. Hope all is well with you all! I will try to post more often and hope you will like this and future posts and my blog in general. The opionions I express are only mine and we all have a right to them and I respect yours and hope you respect mine. Thank You.

First order of business. GH IS ON FIRE!! All of the vets coming back is exciting and the writing is outstanding. I think it is getting better and better and hope it stays that way or else I will not be a happy camper. LOL

OLTL stars have moved over to the show and I for one and excited about it. I do not like the pairing of Starr and Michael, however. SOLE was endgame.

My man Sonny is in trouble again and for one not happy about it. I love Todd but he will be out to get him. I do not think Todd has a chance; sorry to say. The scenes with Sonny and Dante melted my heart and I hope they can have a real relationship. Say what you want about Sonny; but he loves his children.

HOLLY is back and at first wanted to hit her; but she was awesome when it came to saving Ethan's life.

Helena needs to die already!!! Ahh, feel better; sorry.

Days of Our Lives also on fire! Abby and Austin are my new faves. Not a popular opinion; but I hope they get together.

Sami please! GET A CLUE!!! Enough said about that slut.

Carrie is also no better and I know she and Rafe will get together. I understand there needs to be drama; but enough with the sisterly feud she has goin on with Sami.

Young and the Restless is good but a lot annoy me about this show. For one, Phyllis always does and Nick needs to leave her alone but is glutten for punishment. My new couple is Shadam. Who knew? But, Nick clearly loves Phyllis and they deserve one another! I have to say I agreed with Phyllis when she was talking to Daniel about Lucy. He has not taken responsiblility for his daughter and needs to step it up!

Well, that is all for now. Take care and stay well. See you soon, Promise :) Love and Hugs to all!